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TRT Blast Fail, Suggestions?

Hello all. I’ve been on TRT for about a year now, 140mg/week. Successfully got my levels in the upper regions of test parameters and gained about 15 lbs of muscle. I’ve been working out for about 20 years so those gains were huge since I pretty much had stabilized out. I was very happy with the results. I switched docs and had a surplus of test so I ran a 500mg /wk blast for 12 weeks. I kept my calories up and trained hard. The results… no real gains except for a flare up for mild gyno. I know the test is good as its from prescription. Do you think my receptors are just not responding from the long term TRT? Very disappointed and hoping to find out what happened. Thanks

12 weeks is a reasonable time for a blast. Did you make any strength gains? What style of training were you doing, and how much volume.
I don’t B&C but with cycling I have observed not all cycles are as effective, or as noticable as others. However the cumulative cycling over a period of time does seem to add up gains that weren’t at first apparent.

I can only suggest, trying the blast/cruise cycle a couple of more times and see if you don’t get some more results(I think you will though). You could also stack your blast with another anabolic steroid and see how that goes(say 200mg test and 300mg of EQ, or some such substance).

Did you take an AI? If not your E2 most likely shot through the roof negating much of the benefit of the T.

I didn’t gain any noticeable strength. I switched from a 5x5 routine to Stoppinni’s shortcut to size program as it combines hypertrophy with heavy weight as you cycle through the program. I thought this would get me the most benefit. I did use and AI (arimadex) and increased the dose when the gyno flared. I wish I had access to other AAS but I don’t.

did you adjust your diet for the blast?

I’ll actually answer my own question. No, you did not. Or at least not to the extent you needed to.

Blasting and cruising is an effective method of gaining strength and size. Tripling your testosterone level SHOULD have resulted in muscular gains, if you had trained and eaten to support those gains. You ran a solid program. So that leaves exactly 1 variable, which is diet. You HAVE to eat to more, and eat well, to reap the potential benefits of AAS. Sometimes, your body can recomp a little bit if you don’t increase calories, resulting in smaller strength gains along with fat loss, but generally speaking, to take advantage of a cycle, you’ll need to eat more.

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Thank you for advice. I did increase calories to the best of my ability. I tried clean bulk. I did gain a few pounds but I also gained an inch on my waist with no real increase in muscle size on arms, chest, legs etc. That was the disappointing part. I could do that with the diet alone. I think maybe if I run test only I should run more test? I know 500mg/week is beginner and maybe I need more since my receptors are already getting it on TRT. Thoughts?

7am - Protein shake (whey based), oatmeal, 2 eggs
10am - 3oz Chicken, Salad with olive oil, apple
12:30pm - Sweet potato, tuna and mayo, mixed nuts, veggies,
2:30pm - Protein shake (bovine based), cottage cheese, banana
4pm - Preworkout drink and take a protein shake to the gym while I work out
5:30pm - Eat whatever wife cooks, but its mostly healthy and balanced
8pm - 2 cups yogurt, mixed nuts, and fruit

No. I already said this is wrong. YOU TRIPLED YOUR DOSE. That should have worked. You’re blaming the wrong thing. I’m telling you, you didn’t eat enough if you didn’t grow. Period. This isn’t rocket science.

10-4. Thank you

You posted a sample of your diet - but how many calories were you eating per day? What’s your maintenance calorie level? If you don’t know those answers, then we know the problem. Honestly, whenever I see someone post their diet without including calories, then I know they are clueless about how many calories they eat on a daily basis.