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TRT Blast and Cruise


I have a couple questions regarding the blast and cruise. Do I continue my usual prescribed 100mg of Test Cyp in addition to doing the 500mg a week planned in my blast?

Also, my Endo has me being tested about every 2 months. I was considering just cancelling the next appointment since it will be during the blast (10 weeks). I dont want her getting suspicious of my numbers. Has anyone else had to deal with this situation?


I wonder how many guys get on TRT, and then decide to up the stakes.
Took me about three months before I went there myself.
I'd save the extra 100mg per week for another time, and just use the 500mg for your blast.
That way, you can have some reserve built up if you wanted to do say 200mg or 300mg for a week or two after your blast (and blood work).
You will not want to be tested during your blast as your doc will lower or take away your
prescription. Read up on half life of the ester that you are planning to use, prop, cyp and enan all have different amounts of time to clear from your system.
Don't forget the adex or you will get moobs. Good Luck.


Good idea PK. I like the "stock up" idea. She wouldnt give me any adex so I went ahead and got some Ldex. Using 0.25ml EOD. I am going to stay with that when I blast, unless i start feeling the effects of high E and gettin moobs.


By looking at this calculator...


If I am reading it correctly, it looks like my levels with be back to normal 17 days after my last blast. My levels on TRT peak around 194mg every pin (or 3 days).Does that sound about right? I put in Test Cyp, 70 days, 250mg every 3 days for the blast cycle.


Yeah, if you are on 500 mg/week, your max levels are around 1 g in blood stream. One week after that (no injecting) your back down to 500, week after that 250, week after that 125. So sometime in that 3rd week will be about where you are on your current 100 mg/week dose.



If she tests you every 2 months, I would just run 6 week blasts of prop at 50-75mg per day.


Ok good, thanks VT.


Unfortunately I only have access to Test Cyp. I dont think she'll mind if I "go on vacation" right before my next appointment.


How is your progress ?


Hey PK. My supplier is still waiting for delivery. So on hold for now. I should be gtg by the end of the month but I am undecided about starting the blast right away and cancelling my endo appointment or just waiting until after my next blood test and endo appointment the first week of April.