TRT Blast and Cruise Blood Results

Hi all

Im on TRT - 125mg a week. But since the middle of Feb i have been doing a little blast at 300mg a week.
Had my bloods done this week and got the following results:

SHBG = 5
Testosterone = 31.23 nmol/L
Free Testosterone = 1.2699 nmol/L

I’m pretty happy with that. It puts my test at 901 ng/dL - so although not Superphysiological, its still right up the top range of normal.

Correct me if im wrong.

I also believe that having SHBG as low as 5 during this mini blast is a good thing.

Ill be continuing for another 4 weeks, then dropping back to my usual dose.

When im ready for another blast, ill probably try and get more into the 1200+ nm/dL range

Any thoughts? Or questions for anyone looking to do the same? Happy to answer

Why do you think low shbg is good? Id day its the reason why your test levels are so low on 300mgs. Id suggest you try pinning ED and check the levels again in 3 weeks.
My test on 250 was around 3000… At 800mgs it was 7600-7800. Which makes sense. You pumping 300 test and not being even at the top of natural, means either you have fake test or you body metabolises it like a mofo - which could be, because of the super shitty SHBG.

Thats interesting.
Less SHBG means less binding to the free test - so more to go around. Or so i am told.
I do have Hypogonadism - so my natural test is lower than low. So 300mg to get me to 900 is reasonable - 900 is such a massive improvement over normal levels for me.
Which is why i am feeling better and seeing improvements.

What is your levels on 125? You sure your new test isn’t under dosed?

It is cool that you feel good and have improvements.
The thing is that the lower the SHBG the worse it is for the total amount of drugs you inject. You basically lose half of it in a day if your SHBG is so low.
As i mentioned - buy insulin needles, recalculate how much to inject per day, try doing ED injections and then test again.
There are many people here, me included, who believe that SHBG under 20 means you should inject as often as possible to get the most out of it. I am in a ED crew, and my SHBG is 16… with your, you probably are out of test the very next day lol.

Anyways, no harm for you to try this for 2-3 weeks and report back. It is very possible your test levels will be around 1000-1200 with this method.


Crap - 400ish. Which my doctor says is great…i disagree. Lol.

Brilliant advice. Thank you - ill do that immediately.
Im currently pinning in the glute - should i change to upper thigh perhaps with the smaller needles? Im not bothered about pinning, its like second nature now.

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I like shoulders and quads. Some people say quads hurt, but mine never do. Side delt, but a bit more towards the back, is a nice place. Since its a small needle and the amount you inject is minimal, its an easy place to do it. Just switch shoulders each day. If it starts to suck, you can try quads.
Glutes is tricky with insulin needles as if you are not very lean you might not reach the muscle. Sure, if you inject into some fat in the ass it still will absorb but it beats the purpose of frequent pinning for low SHBG as absorbtion from fat will be slower.

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Yeah good point. Ill buy some insulin needles tonight

Anyways, try pinning ED for like 3 weeks and test again. You have nothing to lose. Just remember to report back, cuz im very interested in the results.
There is a legit 50/50 chance your numbers will be way better with the same dose.

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How frequently are you pinning and was your blood drawn at trough showing 400ng/dl?

I am pinning twice a week, but will do as above and switch to ED.
400ng/dL was at trough.

I am happy with being 900, but of course, would love to be higher. Eventually, i will stack with other compounds, but not at the moment. Not while im still seeing results from just Test.

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If your 900 value was taken at trough - you are most certainly above that during peak, which I’m sure you’re aware of. Glad you’re happy with the results you’re seeing.

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch”

Twice a week pinning has no real trough

If you’re injecting once or twice a week, no. I’d have expected a much higher TT on 300mg weekly, and your SHBG is the likely culprit.

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It means less storage and transportation, so yes more to go around but also metabolized much faster than normal. So a giant spike in FT when you inject that is gone in a day or two.

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I would be too, on the 125mg cruise portion of this. 300mg you should be seeing 2000-2500ng, IMO

Yes, so I’ll be pinning every day as advised above. That should stabilise things. Then I can get another blood test done and see where I’m at