TRT, Bipolar 2 and Irritability

Heya –

Started on TRT 2-3 months ago, and up until recently felt very zen. As of a few days ago just feeling indignant all the time, which honestly is much more in character than feeling zen

Got some bloodwork done last week that doesn’t point to TRT being the culprit, but I’m curious if there’s anyone else on this forum with bipolar 2 who’s experienced similar symptoms. Bloodwork below:

  • Total testosterone: 15.8 nmol/L (reference range 8.0 - 27.8)
  • SHBG: 18 nmol/L (10 - 70)
  • Free testosterone: 440 pmol/L (200 - 600)

Starting values were 6.7, 20 and 165 respectively

Most guys feel optimal with Total T and Free T higher.

Your Total T is 455 ng/dL, not high enough in my opinion to fully benefit from TRT. If these labs were drawn close to your injections, then your trough levels are even lower.

You provide no context at all with regards to your TRT protocol.

I didn’t start feeling optimal until I got Total T in the 600’s.

What other bloodwork do you have?