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TRT at a Young Age, Benefits?

Hi i’m 23. I will probably start TRT shortly with the hope of subsiding my symptoms such as; poor erection, lack of libido, problem with chronic fatigue, mood swings, indifference, brain fog - I hope it will be better? I do not know the protocol offered yet, but I suppose it will be 100mg Prolongatum 6-7 days.

My symptoms are probably due to my low
FT (~ 12-13ng / dL calculated),
SHBG - (43-45),
TT - (650-750).

Will my symptoms go away? how can things with such libido look like in 20 years? what can I expect?

Lots of things can cause this. I’m not sure the dose you mentioned will raise your levels higher than your test results.

IME, these things got slightly better.

Are your labs a range from several rounds of blood work? I don’t understand why you are posting a range of values, and also not the reference range. Post the exact numbers with reference ranges.

I don’t think you will see much improvement if your test is around 700 ng/dL. Just my opinion.

I have tested my blood so many times, and the results are always similar, the symptoms still persist. The system owner wrote that it’s probably because of the high shbg and low ft.

Your FT is a bit low. I don’t know for sure if TRT will help or not (you are in the gray area IMO). It isn’t what some make it out to be. Body composition has been the biggest change for me, but I still struggle with many of the things I was hoping TRT would cure.

I also consider that my fault is shbg and THEREFORE LOW ft. I haven’t had a real, hard morning erection in two years, it’s hard for me to maintain an erection and I can’t get excited.

Different interventions can solve this. Not always straight to TRT.


Your SHBG did not even seem that high. Maybe you did not sleep well near the exam from stress. I think fluctuations from desirably low to yours can occur during stressful periods. Say, you drank too much caffeine and did not eat well for a few days.

My personal opinion is the social structure of your life probably leads to most of this, whether you feel an appropriate amount of social power can determine downstream how motivated or stressed you feel to take care of yourself.

Your TT is perfectly fine, your SHBG isn’t really that high, and your FT is on the low end of the range but still not terrible. Your problem isn’t in your testosterone, friend. I don’t know what you’re trying to solve, but your hormone panel is perfectly normal.

Every symptom you described could be the result of a dozen different things, including poor diet, lack of proper sleep, lack of exercise, etc. So walk us through your diet, your training, your typical sleep pattern, alcohol or drugs consumed, social interactions, work life, home life, all of it. Because somewhere in there is the problem.


When I was younger no amount of dope and alcohol ever put hurt on me. Things went south when I turned 42, and TRT brought me back. Things have changed in the last few decades. Cougars I know, are actually complaining about the unreliability of young dick. So Im sure that you have been having some issues. @iron_yuppie is right. Something else is messing with you. But if you want to depend on exogenous Test for the rest of your life. Go ahead. But you’re not doing things right if you’re jumping into it. In other words, no steroids for you Sir. This is how you begin to get worse if you dont have good work ethic and discipline.

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Good advice.

You need to sort yourself out first while this enhances you, not take it like a drug of abuse.

I do not see a big deal with depending on meds “for the rest of your life” unless you’re into youthful travel or something. Many, many people take regular medication. Probably >75% over 35.

You limit yourself to socially intact places. Where do you want to go without reliable social institutions? Those are almost certainly dangerous places.

I started testing cialis daily in doses of 2.5-5 mg. besides a better erection, I noticed a much better mood, more energy and a fresh mind. I haven’t felt like this for a long time. what could it be caused by? lowering the pressure or something like that?

Your brain telling you that you’re taking a drug that may help.

for 2 years I haven’t felt as good as today, for 3 days I have been taking body in funny doses. maybe the cialis will heal me and my erection for a long time?

Cialis improves blood flow to the brain as much as it does to your lungs. Cialis has antidepressant properties that I myself experienced before TRT, plus having a working dick relieves stress when it wasnt working before. I take less than 2.5mg daily and its a great way to get a good gym pump too. So stick with that for a year and you will prolly be able to come off it with a strong dick that works on its own. I sometimes come off for a month or two and sexual function is 100%.