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TRT at 26

Hello, new here.

I am here asking a few questions about those who are on TRT due to naturally low T and high estrogen levels.

Background: Low T is eminent on both my father and my mother’s side of the family. I do have experience with T and have ran a few cycles in the past. I did very well and felt great when I was on but my T has been naturally low before I took any T as well as after PCT (have blood work from before cycles). I completed my last PCT about 8 months ago and had my blood work done last week, I am back to the levels I was at before I ever took on a cycle.

Advice I am seeking: I am an avid hunter and business owner, and can not afford to be lethargic due to low T, at this point in my life I have made a conscious decision to get on and stay on. My recent blood work came back as follows: Test Serum Ref Range: 348-1197 My current Test: 471 and dropping annually, it bounces from mid 300s to mid 400s.
Estrogen total Ref Range: 40-115 My Estrogen Level: 128 (outrageous)

As you can see I am a prime candidate for trt and have been for a long time.

My question: How much Cyp (we all know that’s what the docs prescribe) is it going to take to live in the 1100-1200s? Some of my family members on doc prescribed T are being told to take 1ml/200mcgs every two weeks. With my past experience and countless hours of research I already know this is absurd. I am not looking to live on a T rollercoaster. Any advice or experience from board members is greatly appreciated. I would like to get my motivation back as it is hurting my business, hunting career and long term health.