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TRT at 26 Y/O - Advice?

Height: 6 1
Weight: 177lbs
Body fat: 14%
Bloods attached - 11.8 TT and 0.199 FT

Took some pro hormones back when I was 17-18 years old but nothing since except trialing clen / T3 here and there.

Symptoms are fatigue, loss of libido in all sense, detachment and withdrawal from life really.

Have an appointment with a TRT doc private on 13th of April just looking for a review of the bloods and advice really!

Your testicles aren’t functioning very well given that your LH is near the top end of the range, testosterone should be higher. Your PSA elevation could be do to an urinary tract infection or ejaculation within 24 hours of the blood draw.

The estradiol is low for an adult male. Sometimes the consequences of using pro hormones and/or anabolic steroids doesn’t show up right away.

You need to see a urologist.

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Haha, what?!

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My bad, that’s a prolactin thing and I was super tired when I posted this response.

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Can confirm ejaculation and puppy handling the day prior to testing haha.

Thanks for the reply - I have a follow up test tomorrow and a appointment with a urologist next Tuesday.

Second test results are below and I’ve had a bizzare testosterone reading - 2x the reading of the first one.

These were both taken at the same time of day 10:30 both fasted literally no difference between the two. Extremely confusing!! Any thoughts?

Clearly something is interfering with your testosterone production and the ferritin and creatinine are probably somehow linked to it all.

Interestingly ALT and AST are both slightly elevated - the other half of the results are below!

Have an appt with an endo on Tuesday but this changes the framing of the conversation completely.

I have ordered a third test but doubt I’ll be able to get this done before Tuesday.

Do you think it would be worth waiting for the third test before seeing the endo?