TRT at 20, Help

First of all sorry for my english,I’m brazilian and dont speak very well.

I will tell my story.

20 years old
I have cycle testo+dbol for 8 weeks 20 months ago,them after TCP,I cycle testo+winny+nandro for 14 weeks,then my T never turn back at normal,(months later with,HCG,Clomifeno,tamoxifen etc)always about 280-300.

Then I REALLY DEPRESSED,and about a 6 mounth I start about TRT,I read a lot(brazilians sites) and make my decision.
250mg of T per week - durateston(sustanon250)or deposteron(cyp)200mg

In the beggining is ok,but now I’m 80 estradiol!Felling like a crap.My mood is terrible.
I’m taking Tamoxifen 20mg and thing dont change signicantly.

Then I came here and beggining to read the topics.
I need anastrozol correct?How dose?1mg per week is ok?
I dont inject HCG,Can I inject now?I recover my testicle?What dose?

I’m going to bathroom all the time to pee,is this a sign of prostata enlarge?or sign a high estradiol?

A coment important is…My testicle size never has a normal size…in otherer words I’m always have a low T(before cycle)(never do exams before cycle)

What do you think about all this?I’m do this right?

Again sorry for my english,and I need help,because here in Brazil,dont exist doctor with amount of knowledge about TRT.

If you can read and comprehend english then check out the over 35 lifter forum. There are plenty of guys in there on TRT and you can see their regular doses of products.

A lot of them seem to use something like 75-100mg cyp 2x/wk, .25 mg adex EOD, and 250iu hcg 2x/wk.

The adex will help much more than your nolva in your current situation.

tks man.

As a guy on TRT what lilguy has prescibed is a fantastic routine, however at your age, TRT should not be a viable option to you until you have obtained every scrap of medical assistance possible.

I understand your situation as reguards availability of endocrinologists in your country, but seek as much help as possible.

I think this is a classic example to the point of DO NOT USE STEROIDS UNTIL YOU ARE AT LEAST 21.

That is not a flaming to you andrebr, but a glancing comment at a recent thread reguarding steroidmyths and teenagers.

I have seen a few guys, not so rare, who are young and something silly breaks their hormone system. It can be something as innocent as a 5-alpha reductase drug to save hair, then they are a mess. A uniformed deca only cycle, or what appears to be a safe beginners cycle and PCT. I also am suspicious of the old promones and now there is a lot of new designer soup and no one knows what they are taking. The info is mumbo jumbo.

The point of all of this… I think that a few have a brittle hormone system and things that seem safe cause serious damage, that also seems to be permanent. I also see young guys that state that they have not done any gear.

These things can be compounded by other health problems as well. And doctors who prescribe SSRIs and show you the door.

For some, intelligent informed gear use is dangerous. Some have not taken any gear and some other event [or prescribed drugs] have damaged the HPTA.

I think poor diet over many years contributes as well, the bodybuilders i know who started in the 80’s still believe in the low low fat approach, yes they are older now (these are the guys who didnt use gear btw) but the long term consqequences of a low fat diet imo hae reduced their test levels to almost fuck all.