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TRT....Any New Break Throughs?


I've been on TRT for 18 months now. With the help of some very savvy folks (Like KSman) I managed to get my therapy dialed in pretty good.

I am 45 yrs old 5' 11" in excellent health and weighing in at a solid, lean, 180 lbs these days.

100mg/wk Test combined with Hcg and Arimidex All dosed EOD. (Tired DHEA but got nothing out of it except oily skin so stopped)

Soooo life is pretty good. Labs are all solid, E levels are in the sweet spot. I would love to add some HGH but need to find a Doc that's down with it.

My question is this.....Any new developments??? Any changes to protocols that I'm not up on?


not that I know. If you have a protocol that works for you, you have blood work showing that you aren't stressing out your other systems (TSH, 8am Cortisol, estradiol, etc.), and you can afford the costs, then I would say stay with it.

it seems like:
90% of people are fine on just plain 'ol injections, gels, or creams.
9% are much harder to fix and need things like HCG, Arimidex, vitamins, etc. These are the ones searching and posting on forums such as these.
1% are extremely hard to fix and those spend years trying to find what works for them (yeah me!!)

and 67.2% of statistics on the internet are made up on the spot.