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TRT And Urinary Stones

It seems like there’s an ever persistent array of attack on testosterone. First the prostate, then and now the heart, now it’s urinary tract.

Though 659 men out of 26,000 doesn’t strike me as a huge issue.

Anyone here experiencing stones from TRT?

Just over 5 years for me and I blast. IF anything my BHP has gotten better.
Putting on my tinfoil hat. The world has become over populated some in high places think they can control it. Why do you think std med ins won’t pay for TRT? Why do PCP give out SSRI’s (know to castrate you) like candy. Why do we go to wars for countries and causes that have nothing to do with us? Birth control and you’ve just stumbled on their latest reason to keep libido’s dead.


None for me. Been on for 8 years and I blast. My bph is better probably due to the cialis.

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This is flawed on many levels. Linked and associated with does not equal cause.

They had 26,585 in the TRT group and 659 were diagnosed with a kidney stone within two years. The control group was matched based on age, race and marital status. Among these guys, “just” 482 experienced a kidney stone, meaning there were 177 guys in the TRT arm with TRT “linked” stones. That is 0.66% of the 26,585.

There are several confounders that were not considered, and actually, difficult to consider. Do you think guys on TRT exercise more, and with increased intensity? Would those exercising harder be more likely to become dehydrated?

Do you think guys on TRT are more likely to follow special diets, maybe high protein diets? More likely to use supplements? Perhaps they are more likely to be on aromatase inhibitors, certainly those focused on “leaning out” and deathly afraid of retaining any water.

It would have been better if they included a non TRT group of men with higher testosterone levels, similar to those the TRT group may have had. How about evaluating BUN, eGFR and other kidney function tests? Calcium levels? Parathyroid?

It would have been interesting if the investigators proposed a mechanism behind TRT and the approximately 1 of 200 dx with a kidney stone presumably due to increased testosterone levels. Just exactly what is it about a higher level of testosterone and an increased risk of kidney stones?


One commonality with every study painting a “grim” picture of TRT or even Just T is this notion that Low T is protective of all. Times are changing. There is a hidden agenda looking to remove abilities from general population. I wouldn’t be suprised it processed foods and ranted tap water was all apart of this bigger agenda.

Kinda scary.

It baffles me that Dr H from the 40s has so much decade long pull.

These are always very irresponsible and what’s the point of these.

Normal T levels cause men to be unhealthy? Are we going to start lowering T in men to avoid issues and turn them
Into Zombies. I would love to sit down
With the fuck stick who decided this was a great piece of research to pursue.

I googled the rate of stones for men and woman. It’s much higher than 1%
Or 5%. 17-20% of men and woman in the USA will experience stones per one source.

I think, By observation, it’s generally researchers who they them selves are not on hormone treatment or even exposed to those around them on treatment. Its always written in some form of knee jerk observation.

As one, like many, who was under the influence of low T…I was HUGLY susceptible to article like this. This would have derailed me just as the classic 4 debunked articles claiming heart disease did before I started TRT. Now, looking at this, I have a slight reservation but less fearful. But, I was curious so I posted here.

Yup I can imagine. Our medical system is so advanced yet immoral.

Good news is that Dr. Keith nichols has a new doc on staff who will be running case studies and research for TRT and sharing his findings with the industry. He’s having the background for medical research and I can’t wait to see what he does.

They will be asking for Candidates to run these studies and I will Definitely let everyone know.


Oh I 109% trust he will get near perfect results with correct protocols. None of that aveed shit. Looking forward to that. I wish some of these guys were in San Diego.

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Dr Nichols is licensed in California now
And that means he can work with someone in San Diego. Jsut call and schedule :slight_smile:

Oh but telemedicine only. Like Defy.

Yes but it is dr Nichols. The guys good and it’s not a clinic. This is one in one between you and the doc. When I have a ? I communicate with doc not a NP or sales person. Night and day.

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I’ll have to look at his rates. Currently I use a urologist. He’s really good. He lets me stay on pretty much whatever dose I want so long as I’m under 1000 TT. Right now it’s 150 a week split into 2 shots. He’s local and 37 years old very progressive.

If it’s working and you feel great hang in there. Good for you.

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What I love is I can tweak my dose to anything 200 per week or less. Lots of room and flex.

How much do you pay monthly with dr Kieth?

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About 150 a month
Medicine about 100

So 200-300ish

Thus includdd max dose cream, Preg, dhea, vitamin d, thyroid from compound pharmacy.

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