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TRT and UD2.0, No Fat Loss


Hi to all
I don't know if this is the right section to pose my question, so please don't shoot me....
Quick stats: I am 47 years old. Been lifting for about 3 years. Last year with Lyle McDonald's UD2.0 got to about 9% BF in 8 weeks from 15% (got to 175lbs and I am 5'9" tall). This winter got double surgery on my shoulders and went through Physical Therapy.

My BF climbed to 14%. About 2 months ago I was diagnosed with low T and put on a standard 100mg Testosterone Cypionate once a week and HCG twice a week. Contemporarily I completed my "no lifting" period (for the surgery) about 6 weeks ago and started lifting again.

I also started the UD2.0 to lower my BF.
Since I started lifting again, the TR Therapy and UD2.0, my weight has not basically changed, hovering around 172/175 lbs, my BF went from 14% to 13.2%, my measurements have all increased by approx. 5% and my lifting stats increased between 5% and 20%. Having had a successful BF reduction 1 year ago using UD2.0 I was hoping to see similar results.

Instead while my strength and size has gone up (I imagine most of it due to the Testosterone) I didn't see the expected results in BF reduction. I am wondering if the TRT might negatively affect the diet results, but I can't imagine how. Or if I should tweak the UD2.0 somehow. As I said I used it successfully last year and I follow it religiously (I do though the PWO on Fridays)
Thanks to all

Mister Sandman


You are likely replacing fat with muscle, hence the same bodyweight. Has your body comp changed?

You are going to want to post up your complete labs and let the guys here take a look, there may be something else going on that your GP has missed. I noticed you didn't mention any AI...are you not taking an AI?


We have seen hormone crashes from extreme diets, low fat and low body fat. Low cholesterol is a major problem.

You probably need to use an AI. Read the advice for new guys sticky and you also want to know if your thyroid function is OK.

Any changes in how you react to stress?


I don't know if you can call UD2.0o a "extreme" diet. It is tough to follow, but the caloric restriction is not dramatic (I am doing -30% from maintenance) and it is only for 3 and a half days, after that it is cab loading so a lot more fun :slight_smile:
About stress management I seem to be less patient. :frowning:
My cholesterol is at 169 (125-200) and hdl 64 (>=40)
My morning temperature is pretty constant at 97.5
I suspect you are right in that I might need a AI.
Also I am probably retaining water, which might justify my body weight and BF not changing. In particular considering I am also using creatine