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TRT and Tren for Cutting Diet. Advice?


hi, i was recently diagnosed with low testosterone, (doctors are having a hard time figuring out the diagnosis) i got my TRT and i wanted to run my first cycle as a trt tren stack, but i just wanted to know, how should i change my cutting diet to accommodate the TRT and tren? i want to lose as much fat as possible, but i hear that you almost always want to increase calories when on cycle...so should i increase or decrease calories to accomodate and maximize the potential of the tren and trt?

dosing for tren: 75 mg EOD
TRT: t cyp:100 mg/w
age:19 <----i've taken three tests showing my natural testosterone to be super low, 1/8 normal levels, please dont give me shit something is messed up but doctors cant figure it out, best they can come up with at this point is that its idiopathic or hemochromotosis. blood test pending.
training exp:3 years, 1 year serious diet and training.
diet: standard, high protein, adequate carb, low fat. (not too low though), carb cycling, but havent cut out carbs so low yet that i require 2 high carb days.
low carb days: number:2 cals each:1223
high carb day/strategic refeed day: number:1 cals:2283
med carb days: number:4 cals each:1568
total weekly cals:11001.

so should i reduce cals or keep same or increase to accomodate test/tren to maximize fat loss? thank you in advance.


If you are just starting the TRT, I would not add the Tren if I were you. You don't say what your current stats are or what your goals are, but the diet you are on plus getting your T levels up to a normal range, you should have no problem cutting fat. Don't add too many variables into the equation. TRT takes some time to get dialed in right.


yer dude but my goal is to go from 14 percent bf to single digs and i need to get there in a couple of months. current stats: bf % 12-14, calipers are inaccurate. height:5'3 weight: 151.6. goal:minimum 9% bf within next 2-3 months while retaining current muscle mass, i want to lose pure fat and keep muscle same, i dont care about gaining any muscle right now.


Your goal should be to get your hormones to an equilibrium state on TRT, your getting WAY ahead of yourself otherwise.


I'm currently on a maintenance TRT dose, and recently cut 20 lbs in 2-3 months to get to single digits without much drop in strength at all with a simple carb-cycling diet. It's not that hard - you just need to work your ass off in the gym in the process.


I would try to find some better doctors. Unless you have a tumor there is no excuse for low test at 19. I went on TRT at 23. Trust me, avoid for as long as you can.

As far as your cycle plans go, assuming you stay on TRT then try that solo for a while. If your test has been low you will see considerable improvement just bringing it to normal.


they did an MRI and ruled out pituitary damage or tumors, my doctor said before i did the MRI its either ideopathic, pituitary tumor/damage, or hemochromotosis. the only one we havent ruled out yet is hemochromotosis. will hopefully get those results monday.