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TRT and Travel Around the World

Hello. I may need to start TRT in the near future and I received an interesting job offer yesterday that will require some travel abroad like totally one month in the year scattered. It may be necessary to go to Asia, Australia. Im a programer and the company that is offering me has clients all over the world that need to be consulted on site when there is a new project. I know they do not have clients inUSA despite the fact its a us company so going there is highly unlikely.

How can this be arranged with testosterone and other related drugs, needles etc? I know for Australia the situation is very shitty…

Normally if I start TRT it will not be officially designated by a local doctor I plan to obtain telemedicine advice from an US doctor which officially will not be a treatment but advice. And I plan to buy the T from the black market because they do not sell good esters and high quality stuff in the pharmacies here.

If necessary I can get a prescription from a local endo and translate it but will that be enough for intercontinental travel?

Are You asking if you can get an rx from a Dr then buy UGL test that 99% of the time clearly looks like ugl test and travel around the world without issues? Some countries might not care and some.you may end up swinging from a noose

You could get the rx then refill the bottle with ugl but sterility may be an issue

Man I underatood nothing. What are the requirements to be able to travel with test around the world and what is tx?

Most countries will allow you to carry it, as long as the prescription label is there with it. Proof that it’s prescription is all that’s necessary. Except Australia, they’ll be dicks either way. Many Asian countries sell it over the counter, at better quality than the UGL.

What does it mean prescription label? If the test is cypionate for example the prewcription to be for cypionate? In my country cypionate is available only underground. They sel legally only omnadren and nebido - the shitiest esters

The pharmacy puts a label on the prescription when you buy it there, right? It’s evidence that the doctor prescribed it. You need to have the doctor’s prescription or have it something with a label from the pharmacy that has the prescription information. That’s what identifies it as legit to the authorities. Maybe they don’t do that in Bulgaria, some countries do not, but it is standard and accepted most places.

Rx is prescription. I am saying that it would not be very smart to try to fly around the country with underground test and a prescription written out for a deiffernt kind of test. Anyone would clearly be able to see that “steroid monster” brand test did not come from a pharmacy. However You could fill the legal prescription and then empty it and put “steroid monster” into it

To be honest Ive never heard of pharmacy to write something like that in the label

Yes I understood nothing is written on labels in the pharmacies here. The local endo told me that If I have the document I need TRT there is no problem to travel with test around the world. But Im not sure how familiar he is.

No he is setting you up for a big problem. I have documented ADD from when I was a child, that doesnt mean im not taking a ride to the police station if i get pulled over with amphetamines and my medical records. If i have xrays that prove I have a destroyed back I’m still going to jail if I get caught with oxycontin or morphine and i dont have them in a prescription bottle with my name and a physical description and the brand of pill

You need the actual prescription from the doctor and a legit bottle. Not a UGL bottle. There are less questions if it’s in a Diabetic Wallet (storage specifically designed to carry diabetic supplies like insulin). They are not likely t do much more than seize it though.

What is the difference between legit bottle and UGL bottle. Ive seen them both, both if them are in the appropriate packaging and whatever. The underground bottles also look like for pharmacy.

I don’t think you understand how prescriptions work in some other countries.

In the US for example, if I’m prescribed something, when I go to pick it up at the pharmacy it will have a label on the bottle from the pharmacist. The label will include what doctor prescribed it, dosing instructions, what pharmacist filled it, etc. It’s all info police could check to make sure it’s a real, authorized prescription. You can get arrested for just having something like steroids without a prescription. You aren’t supposed to even put your prescriptions in other bottles.

It’s totally different from where you are where you can just go buy the stuff.

I think this is what everyone is saying you need to help you travel without issues. There are some places that aren’t going to like you bringing steroids in regardless and most won’t care about small, personal amounts that are prescribed.

So this is very shitty and seems there is nothing I can do because in my country nobody puts labels on bottles. Except if I can fake it somehow