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TRT and Test Levels


Okay guys what’s going on. I hope everybody shows me respect and love. First of all i’m 5’10 170… but i fight at 150. I tore my labrum a year and a half ago playing lacrosse. Anywho I dabbled with serostim for like a week haha before i realized i didn’t need it. I got blood work and realized my test was 600… at 25 years old thats kind of low.

I wanted to get people’s opinions and estimates. i want to jump on test probably for the rest of my life at 150-200mg. What would my levels be at if im naturally 600?

Thanks Daniel the spartan


TRT is not additive. It shuts off whatever T you were making. So it does not matter where you were.

It is fT and bio-T that is what gets the job done. TT is not the whole picture.

If you do T only, you may easily end up with bitch tits.

No one is going to support what you want to do at this forum.
You would need to be at the steroid forum. - there are stickies there.

First, read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys, so you know the language etc.
  • things that damage your hormones - maybe there is room for improvement

In any case, you really need to do a lot of reading.

This is you?


With a test level of 600 their is absolutely no reason to go on TRT. Sure it’s not a high sky high level but, you should be able to build quality muscle with those levels. I had a 500 lb deadlift before I ever touched gear bamd my levels are in the the low 400s at 28 years old