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TRT and Tamoxifen

just started on testosterone cypionate 125 mg every week as TRT. Can I take tamoxifen 10 mg every other day?

Sure you can, why?

Hello so the dose is not too low for tamoxifen? Thankyou

Well, you take the tamoxifen because you have symptoms that would be resolved by the medicine. I guess I was curious as to why you wanted to take it all. I wouldn’t start taking it premptively, most guys that take that dose don’t need anything else.

I am experiencing erectile dysfunction. It is actually a cross over from taking nandrolone 1.5 months ago. I stopped that and I stopped everything x 3 weeks. I am new to taking tamoxifen, so I am just wondering if this dose is appropriate. I has my testosterone checked. It is on the low end. So I started this regimen of testosterone cypionate because it’s long clearance time. But I want to be careful because of a severe case of acne I experienced and is still clearing up. I decided to go on a low dose test. Thankyou any recommendations is appreciated

Tamoxifen is not a treatment for ED. Based on what you’ve written there is no reason to be taking it.

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That was my exact starting protocol prescribed by a physician.

125mg T per week and 10mg tamoxifen eod.

Worth thinking long term as tamoxifen does have side effects. I only ever intended to use it short term and have stopped completely.

Why tamoxifen? Do you both go to same dr

Mine was a result of the fact I’d had previous Gyno issues and had already had surgery. I was told to take them at any signs of itchy nips etc-

Interestingly I actually think Tamoxifen exacerbated breast growth in me- I’ve recently nit been using any and have had next to no itchy chest tissue.

I’ve got a theory as to why- but no evidence. I think Tamoxifen was keeping my balls running a bit (sililair to HCG but through a different pathway - by blocking the hpta recognising the elevated e2 in the same way it works as post cycle therapy).

That meant my overall test levels were higher with it and overall e2 levels also higher- probably combined with prolactin being high i was getting some gyno.

Since I’ve dropped tamoxifen lots of things have improved.

Just a theory- nothing more

Nolva will likely not help with this

My doc gave me the same thing, but said to take it daily. Didn’t feel awesome doing that, but found that if gyno does flare up, or nipples start to hurt, 20mg once a week will take care of it just as good

Yeah- I’m not convinced about the long term safety of taking Tamoxofen regularly either. Its not like anyone has been doing it for 40 years- and I wholey plan on making this work properly with longevity in mind.

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