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TRT And T3 Questions, Help?

Hi all, I’ve been on TRT for approx 10 weeks now. starting to feel better but not 100%
got my full thryoid results back last week and my RT3 is sky high! So doc has put me on 10mcg T3 at night. Have heaps of quesrions but will list my main ones nelow. Hoping people who have been in this situation can help!

  1. What benefit and did you feel different when taking T3?
  2. Ideal dosing schedule? I’m taking 10mcg at night, it could be coincidence with stress etc but my sleep has gone to shit on my fitbit app since starting…
  3. Is this lifelong like TRT or temporary until the RT3 is sorted?

hoping to hear your experiences!


If you don’t address the underlying cause for RT3 being elevated, once you stop the T3 medicine RT3 will go right back to where it was prior. I have similar results as my RT3 is high normal and TSH is under 1.0.

When the body is under stress RT3 will increase, insulin resistance can cause RT3 to elevated as well as other ailments. Starting thyroid treatment is very similar to when you start TRT, it will take 6 weeks to reach a stable state at which labs are drawn.

Thanks! what did you do to address yours?

I feel like I’ve already gone the full 9 yards with all this shit! I’m in pretty steady Ketotsis, train well, supplement etc etc Not sure what else I have to give. hard not to feel defeated. But hopefully light at the end. got next set of bloods for Early Jan…

I attempted a daily protocol and felt the best ever doing it, but my liver got back up with toxins from having my levels so steady, to fix the RT3 issue I have to diet and exercise. RT3 slows down metabolism which can slow down the liver.

The slowed liver also slows the rate at which estrogen is secreted from the body.

I’m on mostly a wholefood diet, I cut out a lot of processed foods.

You should consider increasing your carb intake for a few weeks to see what effect that has on your thyroid levels. Ketosis has a myriad of health benefits but some people do not respond well to being in this state and there is a significant amount of controversy as to whether ketosis is beneficial for thyroid health.

Yeh seems like a heavily debated subject! Have gone back to non keto before n felt slow sluggish etc n stacked on weight…
Even back in my non keto days, Thyroid levels looked the same, not sure on RT3 though…

So nobody else on this forum is on T3???