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TRT and Sleep Apnea

So I have an interesting question. Last year I self diagnosed and started running a TRT dose. I had a terrible time on it. After 12 weeks I had intense anxiety at times, doing my normal routine. Everything seemed to not work well, I was highly susceptible to caffeine all of a sudden, along with a whole host of other problems including elevated hematocrit. This was all on about 120mgs per week, with a total T coming in at 1350 or so.

Almost a year out, the doctors smartly had me do a sleep test, and it turns out I have sleep apnea (moderate 23 ahi). The primary also suggested that my elevated red blood cell count may have been exacerbated by the TRT, but that the primary issue (my lack of sleep, recovery, libido) may be more rooted in my sleep issues. I’m on day 2 of my apap therapy (got my ahi number below 4 last night) and am looking for thoughts and comments on this.

I probably won’t get back on test any time soon fwiw, not because i’m opposed to it, but because even with apnea, my last natural levels were 600 at age 42. I’ll get them checked maybe at the end of the summer.

The issue may be the free T, as we age our SHBG increases binding up more free androgens. It’s sounds like your dose was excessive and all that was needed and a dosage adjustment. The problem with some docs is they don’t know how to direct your treatment.

Few docs would suggest daily or EOD injections, in fact my endo said most docs would stop my treatment injecting very frequency. The thing is it works for some guys in the RBC/hematocrit department, I had erythrocytosis only a few weeks ago.

Lowering my dosage seems to be working injecting EOD, the aspirin as well…