TRT and Shaved Heads/Hair Loss

This may be a dumb question but as i look at some of the TRT youtube channels or videos it seems like 95 percent of the people talking have completely shaved heads. Is there anyone out there that did not lose the majority of their hair on TRT?

I have all my hair whether I’m on TRT or not. A lot of those guys are older men who are genetically predisposed to hair loss, if you have the appropriate gene, TRT will accelerate hair loss.

It’s not the TRT causing the hair loss, it’s the DHT which is another form of testosterone. I wouldn’t even think about finasteride unless you want serious side effects for life.

Avoid finasteride at all costs.

I have my hair but I also just started TRT

I am not using anything and i def would not use finasteride. At week 4 would i even notice any thinning if i was predisposed to it ? I will find a few hairs on my pillow in the morning maybe 5-6 and there are rarely hairs in my comb.