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TRT and Sexual Sides

Ive been bodybuilding since 14 and i’m now 42. Most would say i look like im on steroids prior to TRT. I’m very muscular, etc. Never touched steroids prior to TRT doses.

I just wonder if so much lifting over the years has desensitized receptors or something.

At this point, i don’t care about gains, etc. I just want libido.

The first 10 lbs of muscle is a lot easier than the next 10 lbs and so on. If you already put on 40 lbs of muscle, the next 10 lbs is going to be hard to put on even with AAS (unless you use strong shit like tren or high doses).

Same. I figure why not now that I am on TRT. I don’t plan on getting much bigger than my genetic limit on TRT doses (difference between natural limit). past that and I just see it being too much risk, and the reward being too temporary. So, I’ll blast a couple more times, then just TRT. Maybe through in a bit of mast for a cycle or something down the line if BF accumulates too much and I want to cut without losing muscle.

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Ever tried adding Masteron to you cruise? I’m 55 and masteron has made a world of difference. I also take cialis twice a week just to prevent BHP issues and for the confidence it gives knowing I’ll be responsive to my wife.

I wouldn’t know where to get it and i’m looking for something that will work long term, like trt.

I am going to try going super low, like 70-80mg test a week. Some are reporting libido at those levels only.

I may be one of the outliers. Ive never felt a thing from TRT at various protocols over the years. LIke i’m a non responder or something.

Umm, nothing. I said you aren’t incorrect.

I’m sure this can be incredibly frustrating.

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Can’t hurt anything by trying. And also kind of the point of this thread as well. There is some reason the TRT is fucking up the sex lives of some guys and not others. Even during periods of insanely high libido on my low ass dose of T, exogenous testosterone causes some weird shit to happen down south that is otherwise inexplicable. For instance, busting a nut became a distinct two part process for several months. Point of no return, shit ton of thin fluid would dribble out, pause, followed by a minuscule amount of regular viscosity load with no force at all. Just bizarre stuff never experienced before TRT.

What the fuck 400mg a week?

Im telling u, do VERY low dosage, or NPP, and ull get ur libido back.

NPP isn’t an option.

Soon, if i still get nothing from high dosage, I will run something like 75 mg once a week. Or split twice a week.

You are correct.


How long have you tried the high dosage? IIRC, we talked in a thread about a month ago about high dosage TRT? I think you may need to stick with things longer than you are?

Oh definitely going to continue. Here’s what i’ve been doing:

Aug 24 125mg
Aug 27 125mg
Aug 31 125mg
Sept 3 125mg
Sept 7 125mg

Sept 11 150mg
Sept 14 150mg
Sept 17 150mg
Sept 21 150mg
Sept 24 150mg

Sept 28 200mg

You can see where i started at 250mg/week… then went to 300mg per week… now at 400mg per week.

It’s a test to see if i can get any kind of reaction from TRT in supra dosing levels.

I’ll ride out 400mg for another month or so and reassess. Again, not looking for gains… more to see if i can achieve libido with the increase in FT.

ALso remember i’ve been on TRT for a few years, and levels have always been higher, so i’m not starting with low test to begin with.

High dose might or might not work, but IMO, you need to stick with a protocol for at least 6 weeks to see if it works or not.

Oh i agree. It’s just that i should feel something already at high doses. Some sorta increase in libido or something. I don’t know. Very disheartening.

And of course i live in NY so i can’t get bloods without my Dr seeing results.

Maybe we talked about this before, but was your libido at one point high, and now it is not? Was it ever high on TRT?

It’s been low since i was about 20 or so. I’m now 42.

TRT hasn’t really done a thing. I felt a little something on a day back when i was on a protocol of 300mg every other week. Other than that, nothing.

I do get great morning wood though, so i don’t think it’s ED per se. It’s my body’s lack of response to sexual stimulus. It’s weird. Yes, very hetero too.

Hmm, I wonder if you would feel good on a weekly variation in dose. Some guys get crazy libido doing that. For example 180 mg, then 200 mg the next week. Another thing that comes to my mind is using a short ester like test ace ED. It would mimic natural production closer than long ester.

Probably best to sort out with your TRT provider, but some ideas on what to try if your current protocol doesn’t pan out.


Hows prolactin

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and if you joined proviron?