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TRT and Sexual Sides

Anybody know why TRT appears to cause ED, no libido and other weird shit like no load volume, shitty orgasms, numb dick, no force, 2 part ejaculations, delayed ejaculations, etc., in some guys?

Before finding this forum I thought it might be just some rarely occurring paradoxical side effect, but the longer I’m here and the more I search old posts, holy fuck a large number of threads are about ED, libido, dick pills, and the like… Clearly not a rare thing.

Certainly a lot of differing opinions on how to solve the problem, but never a reason for it.

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Incorrect protocol/ dose or just plain ole theyre not designed to run on Supra doses of T. Less is more for some.

Wrong protocol?

Body not given enough time to adjust to hormone changes?

Patient taking something unnecessary, which messes with the body?

Or, it could be something unrelated to trt.

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Cortisol is a big one and that wrecks everything. If you have ED, take some Cialis, but I think most start bitching about that, ‘Im too young for that’ says the TRT patient. Take the damn pills and let everything else flow. Libido, too many people dont worry about it til theyre on TRT expecting it to be outta control rapist material. The expectations are high. The real mechanism for dick function is Nitric Oxide. Supplement that if youre going to take a sup

At least for me, it seems more isn’t more for libido. On TRT I have higher libido, then while on blast. Honestly, the libido on blast is about right, and on TRT it is a bit too much.

Whats your blast dose?

Right now 600 mg/wk of Test E split M,W,F. Highest I’ve gone, and not using AI or HCG. I did my first blast at 325 mg/wk, and libido was really high, but the results were meh.

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Interesting… with 210mg/week Ive noticed some improvement in muscle gains, seeing more cuts, and vascularity. Libido is the same as it normally is. I do plan to try a 300mg blast. But Im gonna shoot back down to 160mg for my TRT dose, then Ill go on a blast. I am curious to see how it will affect me when I lower my dose back down to TRT.

I think with 300 you will have to run it a long time to get good gains. However, when you probably won’t hold water, so they will be real gains. I think 400 mg is kinda the lowest I would personally go after trying the 325. It was just underwhelming.

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I literally get all those when My e2 is too high. Even My cum starts dribbling out instead of shooting.

I think you focus too much on quality of orgasm and powerful ropes of cum like some kind of given to man. That shit requires some working up. Im certain that instead of enjoying the moment a bunch of guys are more focused on the ED that occurred last year and the dribble that didnt explode into her mouth like the last time, and you start to blame hormones. Mope all you want, but I’ve dry cummed with plenty of power. And some days, Ive had oozy, thick cum, and some days its clumpy, and on one evening it was so damn watery, I had to change the sheets. You win some, you lose some too. Its not your hormones…

Maybe off subject, but I also had my best libido at 300mg weekly, no AI. Higher (480-750mg) it went down, and on 175mg it’s a happy medium.

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It’s certainly dependent on exogenous testosterone use. If it isn’t, then this forum has the distinction of having the most insane over representation of men with fucked up sexual issues on the internet… but just by coincidence is about TRT.

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You aren’t incorrect sir, but I’m more wondering about the etiology. Why, for more than a small amount of unlucky dudes, does jacking the body up with the male hormone that’s most associated with masculinity and sexual vigor, cause limp dick, loss of libido, etc.?

Its the hormones.

Good hormones = it shoots out every time, ALOT.
Too high estrogen = tribbles, shit orgasm, weak.

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I just upped to 400mg per week split twice. I guess this is a blast for me. First time.

Reason i am doing it is to see if i can actually ever feel libido, as i haven’t felt it on TRT yet, after a few years.

I can tell you that higher doses of test, for me, has done nothing. I feel like it’s water i’m injecting. Sleep is horrible and orgasms take forever.

I think there are some men, equel being one, that need MUCH lower test levels to get sex stuff going correctly.

I felt better in the gym on 100mg test a week than i do now. It’s crazy.

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I’ll say that I don’t feel much different on blast. I was expecting a noticeable difference in how I feel. I am slightly warmer is about all I notice, and that I can destroy myself in the gym and not get sore. Energy is really no different than when I was at 200 mg/wk. Libido is slightly reduced.

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SPECIFICALLY, what did I say that was incorrect?

Yeah, it’s weird. I feel MORE lethargic at the gym. And strength hasn’t really increased at all.

Legit Test too.

How developed are you? I am no Mr. Olympia or anything, but I am fairly developed for a normal dude. The guys I know who are well developed and really strong say that beginner cycles (500 mg/wk) don’t do much of anything. They recover better and put on a bit more mass. I think a beginner gets a lot more out of a cycle than an advanced lifter is all I am saying. Now the beginner most of the time loses most of the gains after the cycle, and the advanced guy keeps more as he knows how to train and eat better than the beginner.

Just some thoughts.

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