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TRT and Sexual Interests

When I am dialed in on TRT and my libido is much higher, I have fantasies and sexual desires I’ve never had in the past. I don’t view this as necessarily a bad thing, however I am curious as to whether anyone else has experienced the same thing?

Likely, I have low testosterone my whole life. Is this change just who I am as a result of not having low t anymore, or is the T making my libido higher and increasing my desires in the bedroom?

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All of that is very normal. There is a reason they neuter animals.

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All of this is so true, and now due to two prolactinomas, I have to take Cabergoline twice a week. This drug multiplies my libido. Almost 63, feeling like 20. Sometimes it frightens me. It is great to feel like a young guy.

yeah, i was formely pretty vanilla but when dialed in a am in full freak mode.

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What’s you dosage

~112mg per week right now doing dailies… Not dialed in yet but working on it. Despite was @dbossa says, some people do have issues with estrogen management and I am one of them. So, I am playing about with dailies to avoid an AI b/c I have struggled to find symptom relief at lower dosage and when my dosage gets higher, I get the symptom relief but struggle with estrogen related skin side effects?

How can I be so certain? B/c I lowered my dosage for around 3-4 months and have had no issues with the skin related side effects. So it might be for me. I will have no option but to add very low dosage of AI in the future.

Btw, I respect @dbossa and his belief that majority of people are not struggling with Estrogen related issues, however people like myself do exists…

Or the skin side effects could just be from the extra… androgens. Every side effect doesn’t have to be estrogen related.

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It’s not a belief. Beliefs can be wrong. You simply need to look at the evidence which makes belief irrelevant.

You’re not feeling better on daily shots because of estrogen management… That’s a myth. You’re feeling better on daily shots because your body prefers smaller, more frequent shots which minimizes hormone fluctuations. I’m the same way as you but I get by on EOD. This has zero to do with estrogen. You’re just sensitive to these fluctuations and daily is keeping you extremely stable.

To those of you who believe that this is a belief I pulled out of my ass, I don’t get it. I’ve had several dozen physicians on the YouTube channel speak about it, which is where I learned it from, and they have drowned me in evidence which I have shared with all of you. It’s not a belief. It’s demonstratable fact.


True. I went from 120 to 140 a week. T stayed the same essentially and e2 jumped higher. I lost my night erections.

Went back down to 120. We shall see.

@dbossa it’s your belief, its a credible one, and there is science to back it. Perhaps it is just skin related side effects as a result of hormonal fluctuations, I have heard of that as well.

With a bit more experimentation, I should be able to pinpoint what exactly the cause is within the next 2-3 months.

I raised my T to 210mg/ from 160mg, 8 weeks in my libido kicked into high gear with a good set of brakes, but once in a while, I say fuck it and my eyes do the talking. I know that Im already busted, so I dont worry too much. The interesting thing is that as long as youre not a creep, the invitation is there. I have to lower my dose to 140mg for the next 4 weeks, just to make it to my next refill, so Im sure things will slow down a bit. Yet, I have developed a 2 beer a night habit(Due to Covid) and libido spikes when I drink my first beer. Dopamine and good T levels are good libido

Have you consider using Sermorelin?

I own a black 2019 Lincoln Navigator. I can show you photos of it. Me sitting in it. My registration to my name and my insurance papers. I can send you the contract. You can come here and we can go for a drive.

If you told someone that I had one, and they replied with that is your belief, how nuts would that sound? I can demonstrate it it using any method you like, because it’s a fact. Just as estradiol provides half the benefits you’re looking for on TRT ans it should not be blocked or managed whatsoever. Not a belief. The facts are undeniable. If you want to dismiss all facts and dismiss all evidence, that’s fine, but it doesn’t make it any less true for everyone who has.

No, I haven’t. I just did a google search on it and have an idea of what it is. What is it good for and you do you take and use it for?

@dbossa it is great that your beliefs are facts. It is also impossible to know for certain how things are affecting each individual person’s sexual health and what he/she may benefit or experience adverse effects from.

It signals the release of hgh which has positive effect on skin. The high end HRT docs will add it to your list of things to pay for. But Im sure a doc could prescribe it as part of your HRT.

I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m saying.

Unless you have a different biological makeup, meaning if you are not a human being, then you share the same biology as all human beings. The science could not be clearer. If you want to ignore the science, that makes it your opinion ans you have the right to your opinion. Personally, I don’t like to have an opinion because opinions can be wrong. I look at the evidence. It’s clear that you have not done this yet.

Every man will have different things they need to do in order to feel their best. However you cannot eliminate human biology from the equation. That science will apply to you and everyone you know as long as they are human.

If you care to provide evidence that contradicts this, to support your opinion, please do so.

Its completly normal… strength guys I have been with have always had high sex drives and even some ‘interesting’ desires hehe

enjoy it :wink: