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TRT and Selegiline/Deprenyl?

i am on trt and want to use selegiline. are there any interactions with other mmedications like arimidex or ibuprofen or any other painkillers?
i also drink alcohol sometimes? is that ok with selegiline?
dont want to take more than 2,5 mg daily.

another question is it true that its a amphetamin??? dont want to look like those crytal faces on the streets. do you guys have any information or used this medication?
thnx in forward

Why do you want to use selegiline? Do you have Parkinson’s? If that is why, you need to talk with your doctor and let him/her know what you are taking and your concerns. No one here should be giving you medical advice on that.

i think you dont have enough informations about the benefits of selegiline.
of course i will talk to m doctor. but wanted to know if anybody here uses this medication as well.

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