TRT and SARMS - How to Plan PCT?

Hello everyone. Long time follower, first time poster. I’m 42 yrs old and have been lifting for past 25 years I’m a professional amateur lol. My weight is 230lbs at 5’10" and have been on a Dr prescribed TRT protocol for last 5 years. My test level before starting was about 300. I am taking: test cyp at .3ml 2x wk, armidex 1/2 pill 2x wk and hcg .25ml twice wkly with a day off after the hcg pretty standard also taking IPAM/CJC no DAC nightly 300 mcg.
Going forward I was at .5 test and levels got up to 1200 thus I felt sluggish and gained a lot of fat. Dr dropped to .3 levels rounded out around 800 and I feel like I’m 20 again. Started dropping weight and muscle looking lean again. I’ve never been on SARMS and quite frankly was scared of them. I decided I’ve hit my plateau genetics and age have caught up with me and also am recovering from a L3 to S1 fusion resulting in failed back surgery syndrome this I received a spinal cord stimulator. I’ve been cleared to lift as it’s been 3 years.
So I need to get over hump need the str and endurance and size I’m no longer getting.
I want to stay on my TRT protocol and add in RAD140/MK677 and maybe YK11? My concerns are my test PCT is 10 days clomid/hcg then back on test again. But SARMs is how ever long cycle you pct for that time is my understanding. Obviously my test and SARM pct would overlap and that would be counterproductive if I’m on a test PCT only a week and sarms pct a month… This shit has got me confused at. I didn’t even want to bother with the hcg as I don’t care about my testicles and sperm prod anymore but my doc said it would fuck up hormone levels of I didn’t use. Any help fam please. Also as of recently I added NAC 1000mg with TUDCO 500 mg daily to mix to keep liver/kidneys running optimal. Also was taking 100 mg Wellbutrin XL in AMs.

Just FYI these aren’t doses, since there are different concentrations (mg) in different products. But, if you’ve got what I’ve got, gonna assume 120mg test, .5mg dex, 500iu HCG?

If you’re on TRT you don’t need to PCT

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After writing all that I was thinking I didn’t say what the actual dose was in that concentrate. My bad and yes it’s the same as you stated.

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why even waste you time using SARMS, considering you are on TRT, the “supposed” benefit of SARMS is immediately redundant.

AAS or go home :slight_smile:

Hi jhorse, When I run my TRT lvl up for a 6-8 week blast I never feel sluggish. That is a new one on me. As scholar says I’d skip the SARMs. Give one oral a try. Anavar is really nice. 10mg morning 10mg before bed for 4-8weeks.

I have read this three times and have absolutely no idea what you’re asking.

If you’re on trt then there is no pct. Full stop.

Like walk me through what this means. You take testosterone and then randomly stop for 10 days, then start again?

Help me out here because this doesn’t track at all and maybe I’m just missing something.

I’ve seen some posts on here where docs have their guys stop TRT every 3-4 months and PCT to “clean out receptors” or some such nonsense.

Forget the SARMs and just use the info on this site and can make great progress. Read 10 Dan John articles for a start and a bunch by Waterbury and Wendler also.
If have money for sarms look into quality supps like Surge products or MAG 10 / hydrolysed whey and Karbolyn etc

This program good for your situation for example -can get a ton of progress out of submaximal weights(fine to replace some moves with machines if need to work around bad spine)…