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TRT and RAD 140 Log

Littl back story. Jan 2018 was a 220# run of lard. Bought a dog April 195 tub of lard. Pulled my head out my ass started calisthenics and no booze. August 2018 159# cut and felt like shit. Test low but took till March to get trt ordered threw md. BAnd t continued with calisthenics. 3 months of 100mg test c a week then on 62mg e3.5 d for about 3 months. Kids back to school joined a real gym 6 weeks ago and started a 5x5 program. And almost maxed out.

Now I know what the first post is going to be your to new and shouldn’t be taking anything extra. Well I know/ don’t care doing it any way. So I thought I would make an attempt at first log.
9/31 started rad 140 tabs in am. Today was second day at the gym. All I can say was the lifts were easier and I felt like running laps instead of resting between sets. And I knew it wasn’t just the pre work out.
10/1. Weight 183.4
I’ll run the whole bottle of 60 . Any advice on how to do a log appreciated



![image|231x500] (upload://zDL4QkeK275fva29iantwDQU6BH.jpeg)

There should be an upload icon. Arrowup on what looks like a diskdrive.

You’d do a log however you want. Updates whenever you think there is something worth updating.

Il be straight forward with you tho not to many people here in the pharma section use sarms so you might not get much feedback or appreciation.

Im one of the people who thinks sarms are pretty dumb and you should just use anabolics. But nonetheless best of luck to you and your experience!

I agree but I don’t have access to the real stuff. And I’m a nurse. So if I get busted ordering I go from 45$ an hour to minimum wage.

Sure you have access you have the internet. Also the chances of getting busted are slim to none as far as ordering for personal use.

Also let me say as far as my earlier comment I only speak for myself and from what iv seen sense being here in pharma. I wasn’t suggesting you not make the log I was more so suggesting maybe find a sarm forum or something like that and make it there (as well as here if you want!) that way you could get more feedback and responses from people who have used and are currently using rad 140.

Btw blur your face out. You are more likely to lose your job posting your face here then getting busted ordering gear


You are on TrT? Then you have access to the real stuff. My TrT Doc allows home injections, where I have stockpiled quite a bit.

What are you 50?55? Why the attitude of a 17yr old?

EDIT: If you are scared of losing your JOB why the Fuck are you posting your picture with your face on it for the world to see? Blur the picture out.

Sarms arnt illegal so not worried about that. But your right on the face photo. Not trying to act 17. Just trying the save the. Your to new to start cause I’m going to do it any way. I’m 43 by the way. And I know there’s not much use for sarms threads here. But didn’t think I was able to post it in the trt forum.

Very hard to stick pole when doctor won’t order extra and my dose is with in 3-4 mg of my 3 month allotment

SARMS are illegal for human use.

Did you drop to 159 lbs and then gain weight again? You look way heavier than 159 in those photos. I see a lot of muscle under a lot of fat. How tall are you?

My buddy did a lot of SARMS, when he finally stopped and got his labs, his TT was 50. Now he is on T injections. Dr Rand on the net says if you are going to do something, do the real thing.

Also, ifbb pro Greg Doucette loves SARMS, watch his videos on RAD 140.

Yes. I felt like shit at 159 just wanted to see how low I could get. I’m 5 8. Trt put me up to 170 with water weight in April. After end of summer vacation and starting I added more carbs to diet. Just got tired of low carb. And needed a break.I’m about 182 body fat calipers say 15-18%. Guess I should of added that.

According to Greg, if you are on trt, then there are no worries using SARMS.

I would consider them myself if I had some fat to lose.

Two week update. My body up 1.5-2 lb. but muscle striations more apparent. My lifts are but I’m hadn’t quiet maxed out the 5x5 program in the first place

The main thing I notice is recovery time. The second I put the bar down my body says let’s do it again and have to force my self rest between sets.

Hunger. I feel that I’m much hungrier in the morning. But the hunger dissipates after my first meal. From then on I’m eating to take in calories rather than being hungry. Making it easier to maintain a calorie deficit if I wanted to
Aggression no. Change. But I pace a lot during sets
Libido no different.
Urine a little dark like I drink more water regardless of how much I drink.

If you have access to bloods, getting hepatic/renal pannel would be wise. Many a times SARMS (acquired from supplement companies) are c17AA anabolics (designer compounds such as methylstenbolone) capped in low doses and sold as SARM’s.

It appears however that selective androgen receptor modulators (which ones and to what extent unknown) are inherently hepatotoxic themselves. Lipid strain is also a concern… Looking at the bloods of numerous people (and clinical data regarding) running sarms and it appears the effect on one’s lipid profile is quite drastic (dose dependent), but one could compare it to that of oral AAS (HDL cut in half or more, LDL elevated etc)

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The sarm company had a few good reviews on meso and on their Facebook page. Will probably get chemistry and liver panel tomorrow or the next day.

Creat 0.88
AST 28
Alt 47. A smudge high but I do this every other draw so not worried about it

Weight Today 187.3. Not much extra body fat noted in the mirror. Eating 2500-2700 calories a day. At least 180-200 protein., carbs 170 -200, fats 60-80. Depending on day. The calories might seem high but not trying to cut. Eating clean and how ever I feel.
Still rocking the 5x5 program. I’m shocked each work out that I can continue to add another five pounds. I actually have more energy when I leave the gym than when I walk in. My muscles are almost buzzing with all the energy. The about 90 minutes later my 43 year old body craves a nap.

Just curious, but how large is your dose of rad? I took it a few years ago and then started on some real gear afterwards. Sounds like you are experiencing some pattern of growth. Keep eating Lean and I look forward to watching the log.

15 mg. But this may all come to a haunt. Family member in hospital. And may not make it to the the gym for a week or two. Don’t see the point in continuing if all I’m doing is push ups

Going strong. Lifts up weight 188.5 this am. Switched to a 531 bbb program. Will have a body fat scale here next week