TRT and Prostate Problems

ive been on test since march of this year. Minimum 250mg weekly up to 550 for cycles. I dont come off and hadnt planned on coming off. Earlier this year i got hela swollen prostate from missusing sustanon, or my best guess is it was from the sust.
After i started using sust instead of cyp i got this issue of hella prostitus and BPH. The dr. treated it as prostititus anyway and with the meds it did go down.
But i also mega dosed gnc ultra saw palmetto formula.

Now ive got a slightly different feeling. Its a burning irratation in my pelvic floor perninium. It is midly uncofortable when i have an errection and when i ejaculate it flat hurts, like right behind my scrotum and in the tissue of the perinium. Also when i jumped down from the chinup bar it hurt like hell in my perinium like felt like a spasm. I have read alot of people have this issue of jumping off things and pain in the perinium behind the scrotum. Also feels like i gotta deficate as well as being constipated at the same time. Dont know its frustrating the hell outta me.

Any clues?

My dr just gave me antibiotics, with no digital exam this time which pissed me off.
I called urologist and have a psa schedualed for this week.

My questions are there in alternatives aside from cycling off anabolics to help this or alleviate this? i still take the mega dosage of saw palmetto, howevor i have read there is no proof that even works.
Has anyone read or know of actual cases of anabolics leading to prostate cancer?
Im 34 and not interested in any prostate surgery. I have had this problem 2 times now that i can remember.

Alright so my other post about libido should have contained ED also. Im not on deca but i had the worst ever experinece in my life the other night not being able to get it up. Ironically after she fell asleep about 2 hours later i had a raging erection. Sadly i missed my opportunity. But i had huge mental issues the hole time thinking about it which sure didnt make it get erect.
Based on that i want to say my problem from my other post and ed is psychological/stress. Ugggh. Getting older is starting to suck.

i wish i could help in the medical sense but one thing for sure…the more you think about it the worse it gets. I have been in your exact situation, i am never completely off but i have went through unexplained periods where i was just not “functional” the more i stressed the worse it got but i couldn’t stop freaking out about it. To this day i still don’t know what caused any of these episodes, they alleviated on their own over time. in the meantime i recommend cialis, it gives you a mental edge boosting confidence which allows you to not freak out and enjoy the moment.