TRT and Prolactin - Could an AI Help?

In mulling over what to do about my elevated prolactin which has increased since starting TRT, I met with a well regarded neuroendocrinologist who mentioned that raising E2 increases prolactin. It’s not that I didn’t believe her, but I assumed having never heard that before, that it’s not common at normal TRT E2 levels (or maybe she is wrong).

Then I came across this article:

While I can’t imagine the AI doses they suggest, and piling that on top of cabergoline are umm…taking a minimal approach to treatment, it allegedly did work.

My last E2 was 40, and I feel fine. However, I would be willing to throw a tiny dose of anastrozole in there if it reduces my prolactin. Just out of curiosity. Still don’t want to be in an AI long term.

Of course there’s always this deca/t cyp blend if I’m really desperate to lower E2 to where it once was lol.


YOU in particular should really avoid Deca, based on what I’ve seen in your posts. Deca dick is no joke, and you tend to get in your own head as it is.


Fair point

How elevated is your prolactin? Are you taking caber?

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No caber. Makes sex problems worse for me. It’s not super high, only about 70 or so. It has gone up since starting TRT (used to be 30-40).

What’s the range?

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Have you considered/tried proviron?

Indeed. And deca and all its derivatives fuck prolactin bug time

Tops out at 23. It’s not extremely high but it’s annoyingly high

Why do you suggest that? Not so sure I could get it.

Proviron will increase your sex drive and reduce estrogen issues. In Holland many doctors prescribe it as a part of standard trt protocol but I know in USA it is extremely difficult to get