TRT and Post Finasteride Syndrome - Advice Needed

Hi Guys,
Below is my story of being a Post Finasteride Syndrome sufferer, and I need some advice

I think I have been suffering from some sort of Post Finasteride Syndrome since the early 2000’s. Things from then are a little hazy date and duration wise - no internet at home to look things up and I was just led to believe what Drs told me about side effects. I may also have taken Fin on and off a few times - I cant really remember.

Looking back, the first symptoms was a dramatic drop off in athletic performance - I wend from being a national level Track and Field athlete to an ordinary club athlete in the space of about a year. However , it wasnt I met my now wife in 2003 that I realised I was experiencing some of the common sexual side effects. I also realise now that I had also experiencing some of the other side effects - bit of brani fog/concentration problems, depression, anxiety, lack of emotions etc that I rarely noticed or put down to circumstances.

Since then I have been on a mission to find a treatment, or something else to improve my condition, particularly the sexual problems ( I can live with the other side effects, but the sexual ones have put a massive strain on my marriage).

Many things I have tried have improved things for a while- supplements, Shock wave therapy etc. Around 2 years ago I even purchases an online wholistic ‘Improve your erection’ style program which saw some good improvement (again for a while).

Throughout this time 've regularly had my hormone levels checked, with my Total and Free testosterone levels usually at the low end of normal range. I had been very loath to start TRT, fearing side effects such as acne and further hair loss. I have also seen arguments on both sides about whether TRT would be beneficial. However, 12 months ago I took the plunge and went onto a chemist compounded testosterone cream through an online TRT Program

I didnt see much improvement at all on the lowest concentration (10%), however blood tests showed an increase in Total and Free Testosterone. Upon doctors advice I increased the concentration to 15% and within a week noticed an small increase in sexual function. This lasted around 3 months before it slowly started to wane. A couple of weeks ago I had my bloods done again and Total and Free Testosterone are lower than when I started, plus estrogen is now lower than the ‘normal range’! My doctor has upped the concentration again around a week ago and have started to see some improvement again.

Im hoping someone can help explain things to me in laymens terms. . I am now concerned that I have stuffed my hormones up too much , or is it something to do with Angrogen receptors- I was happy with the improvements seen but dont want to make things worse in the long term.

Any advice would be appreciated

If you don’t feel optimal on this new dosage, your next step should be cypionate or Jatenzo at 237mg twice daily.

It doesn’t sound like you have post finasteride syndrome as your response to TRT appears typical.

You just need to get your testosterone levels up.

It sounds like you need TRT and the cream isn’t working for you. I’d try a different delivery method