TRT and Penile Shrinkage

23yr old, just diagnosed low T with all the symptoms present. Biologically available test is at 1.9 in a range of 2.5-10. I’ve had these issues for about a year. My question is, I’ve experienced some loss in size of my penis, it’s probably an inch smaller when erect and less girth. Wondering if anyone taking TRT experienced these problems and whether TRT restored the size back to its original.

Most guys see a return to full size within 6 months on most cases, your penis has gone without healthy levels nitric oxide and the spongy material probably has more in common with rubber. If working with an inexperienced doctor which is more than likely, lets just say you have a long road ahead.

You should take this time to educate yourself because your doctor more than likely will not be. You should have at least a thyroid panel, ferritin, iron panel, cortisol, prolactin, CBC complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel and lipid profile.

Most men need between 100-160mg cypionate split up one or more times per week, low SHBG men tend to do better on multiple doses per week and higher SHBG men on large once weekly injections.

TRT can deplete core mineral, vitamins and even other hormones do to LH depletion. Most men will not notice and others may not experience symptoms until they get much older.

I started TRT with a severe iron and vitamin D deficiency and was set up to fail.

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Thanks for the advice. I’m sure whatever doctor I use will not be as educated as yourself. I’ll make sure to get all those tests done

Through a friend who was seeing a doctor regarding ED. The doctor stated that as you lose your night and AM erections, you also lose size. Basically getting those healthy erections is what keeps that tissue stretched out. Once there is no blood flow to the region for a while, it retracts. He put out some scary number like half an inch per 5 years or something.

You are officially giving me nightmares.

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Just keep those morning woods pumpin bro.

I know as a guy, that this is a really big deal (pun intended), but did you guys know that the vast majority of women could not only give a shit less about the size of your dick, but they actually PREFER an average to smaller size penis on their guy?

Quit fretting so much over your dick guys.
Listen to what she has to say.

I haven’t had a problem since I started injecting the testosterone directly into my penis.

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My wife feels the difference when it is full girth and hard asf. Just saying. And it’s not because my dick is smaller on the length

I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist chiming in on that one! Lol

Since switching to Subq I don’t get the surge of libido anymore. Maybe it means my levels are more stable. I don’t know if it’s better to inject same dosage im once in a while for fun or inject a bit more Subq to get the affect

I couldn’t help you there buddy. I’ve been IM since I started. Haven’t tried subQ at all.

you inject testosterone directly into your penis ?

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Who doesn’t inject directly into their penis?

I think girth is more important then length because of the simple fact that it will fill the vaginal canal up more and give them more stimulation

I agree. Almost every nerve ending inside a woman’s vagina is within 1-3 inches from the opening along the inner walls.

I think the most important factor of all of it is to learn as much as you can about a woman’s anatomy and how to pleasure her in many different ways, using as many techniques as you can learn. You know, all the geeky scientific shit…

Then, when it comes time to get down to business, forget about all that shit and just enjoy your woman and let her enjoy you.

Yea I had to give my balls a break.