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TRT and Pain Meds - Liver Function Affected. What About T Levels?

Due to recent back injury, I’m now taking Ultram ER for pain relief

Hopefully this will only be very short term (like a couple weeks)

Out of curiosity, does taking opioid meds like this with TRT cause extra stress on the liver or kidneys?

And I’ve read opioid use reduces T levels, but does that apply to someone on TRT as well?


My guess would be that opioids affect natural T production. Since your T is exogenous your levels should be unaffected. I don’t know that this is the case, but that’d be my guess.

Any medication that is metabolized by the liver is going to cause some stress, which might increase some enzymes. Shbg might go up a little too from the meds, but I wouldn’t be worried about it as long as you are doing it short term and not abusing or mixing with alcohol.

Opioids basically sedates your entire body’s central nervous system to remove the pain, it has negative consequences on other systems as well.

HI systemlord,

So far I’ve been finding the opposite - the ultram is providing a boost in energy (until it wears off anyway) as well as the pain relief

I don’t know why it provides the energy boost but its also detrimental, it’s keeping me out of sleep, if I take it within 6 hours of going to bed I will wake up 3 or 4 times through the night and each time I wake up it takes about 40 minutes to fall asleep again

I might need to talk to my Dr to try something else, the Ultram doesn’t sedate me which is good for during the day but it keeps me awake at night