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TRT and Oxandrolone Related Question

Hang in there with me, as full disclosure makes this a lengthy story. After a few years of low energy, wait gain, forgetfulness, I asked my PCP to send me to a specialist after realizing that my T level had dropped from the previous years physical (190-140). My PCP didn’t think that was a problem, but agreed to send me to an endocrinologist. After blood tests and a MRI of my brain showed nothing negative, the endocrinologist referred me to a fertility specialist, after stating that T levels weren’t his expertise. My wife and I had been trying for 4 years to conceive another child, so it made sense to give him a try. He prescribed HCG and Letrozole to boost my levels for the purpose of having children.

I was already working out and had dropped over 40 lbs., but my energy levels were still very low, despite a super clean diet. Well, after several months (and on the exact day the specialist told me it wasn’t going to happen) we found out that we had twins on the way. My T levels were in the 400’s at this point. I stayed on the HCG, and had a goal to lower by BF to around 12%. At my checkup with the fert. doc, he recommended that I start TRT. I was very resistant to this idea at first, because I didn’t want to rely on a drug for the rest of my life, but he assured me that the HCG would stop working, and that my levels weren’t high enough for his comfort level, based on my feedback on my energy, and lingering symptoms. At this time I was 224lbs, just under 15%bf (as measured on an InBody 570), carrying about 111lbs of muscle (I’m between 5’10.5" and 5’11".

After weeks of contemplation, I started taking 200mg/ml of test, cypionate IM once weekly, along with 25mg of Anastrozole daily. I have been on this regiment for about a year. At my last appointment, my levels were in the 700’s and he suggested that I raise my dose to 1.2ml. I commented that I was trying to lean up again after having 3 months off for a herniated disc in my back and letting my diet slide while not lifting, oh and the newborn twins weren’t helping, LOL. He suggested that I try Oxandrolone to help me lean up. After some research I agreed, admittingly looking for a shortcut to get back to where I was post injury, before summer arrives. He prescribed two 10mg tabs to be taken daily (am/pm), and suggested that I dial the Test back to 1ml, while continuing with the Anastrozole daily for 4 weeks. I also inject .50ml of HCG twice weekly to prevent shrinkage, and retain some level of fertility. The fertility is not very important to me at 47 years old with three kids 5 and under though. Now I haven’t started the Oxandrolone yet, and I’m not sure that it’s a good idea. But I have some questions that I thought I might find some advice here about…

I take 1 Hydroxycut Hardcore in the morning (I don’t drink coffee of anything with caffeine, mostly just water). I am worried about a cumulative effect of the Oxandrolone and the Hydroxycut on my liver. is this a valid concern? Especially at such a low dosage of Ox?

Doe these sound like a sensical protocol? The doc said that I will lean up, but inevitably gain bf back after going off the Ox. I’m not sure that makes sense if I keep my diet ultra clean. My workout partner is a former pro BB and he suggested that I would retain 75% of any gains, as well as the reduction of bf, if I ate clean. Thoughts?

How toxic is Ox on the liver at that dosage?

The doc also tells me that there is no going back on the TRT that my body won’t restart production no matter what I try as my levels were so low to begin with. I blamed it on a poor diet, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise, which was all changed for the better now. he welcomed me to try stopping everything to see what would happen, but told me that there is a 99% chance that I would be disappointed in the result. Thoughts?

My goal through this is just stopping get back to about 14% bf (laughable to many here, I know) an regain the few pound of muscle that I lost. I need to stay in shape to keep up with these kids, and I don’t want to do anything too risky. I plan on listing for the rest of my life, as I never should have strayed away from it. Ultimately if over the next couple of years I can get down to 10-12% bf I would stop there. For reference I am currently 230lbs, 20%bf, with around 108-109 lbs of muscle.

Are there any other supplements that I should avoid while on the Ox? I take BCA’s, Noxygen, Dymatize Pro10,0 and Casein.

Sorry for the book, but thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

How much anastrozole are you taking?

1mg daily

That is a heavy dose for men, women with ER+ breast cancer take that dose. The intent is to bottom out estrogen as they do not want any. Zero estrogen is not healthy for anyone. It negatively impacts your lipids, joints and bones, just to start. Can have sexual dysfunction too.

You may find this interesting:

I’ll have to pull up my labs from 2 months ago, but I believe my Estradiol level was in the low 20’s.