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TRT and No Climax


I have been using testosterone injections for a couple years now. I inject 150 mgs a week and take 1/2 mg of armidex twice a week. It worked pretty good for first year or so giving me a good sex drive and great orgasms. I have been noticing my drive slowly get weaker and erections are not near as hard as used to be and will go soft right in middle of sex sometimes.

When it does stay hard it takes real long to climax thats if I even do climax. This is really starting to get to me mentally and my wife thinks its her not turning me on which is not true. Can any of you pros on this subject give me any ideas what the hell is going on? Thanks in advance.


E2 labs?


additional details, test results, lab dates, etc. would all be helpful.

could be high E2 or too low E2. could be hormone swings from weekly shots. could be thyroid issues, cortisol issues, etc. etc. etc. there are too many to guess at without additional details.


In addition to what the guys above said, does this also occur during "Bob Time" or just with your wife? This is a very important piece that sometimes gets overlooked.


Interesting. What are you driving at with this statement?


I'll divulge if he cares to answer the question...I don't want to "lead" him...


This is interesting to me as well. I have been on TRT for a few months. Started Adex ~ one month ago and in for labs today to check levels.

I have the same thing, not as bad. No issues at all with performance, rock hard, etc. Coming is an issue. Takes forever and sometimes never when fucking. But I can always come during "Bob time", it just takes much longer than it used to.

Last 5 or 6 times we screwed, I only was able to come once during sex, but two other times by rubbing it out with her after.

OP - you are not alone. I think T does stuff to us mentally as well as physically, and I would love some input from others here.


you know i've read somewhere that TRT can cause you to be sterile but not sure and that at 200mg a week was

also considered as a contraceptive "device" just a thouht....mabe KSman and others can offer some insights.



^^Sterility and inability to climax are two totally different things...

I also think those studies are a lil iffy given empirical evidence to the contrary (guys impregnating their wives/girlriends/mistresses) while on TRT without hcg....