TRT and Muscle Growth

hi everyone, im a 40 year old male, i have been working out for 2 years with little to no results. i went in for a physical and decided to get my test levels checked, my results were 219.i also had been dealing with alot of issues with with the way i was feeling, mild deppresion,no motivation i was also kinda mad all the time.

i feel alot better now,but my question is when i get my levels back to normal will i see any muscle gains with proper diet and trhe moment im on 200mg injection every other week.

Having a higher testosterone level would most likely help with muscle gains - but with your TRT you might only be masking a more serious problem.

You need to post more information and read the stickies.

Injecting more frequently would be good.

200 every other week is not good. You’re going to feel great for 3-4 days, then like crap for 10 until the next injection. You end up with peaks and valleys in your T level like this, which will cause issues in and of itself. Read the stickies at the top. Then read them again. Get some blood work done and post up all the values with ranges. You need more frequent injections.