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TRT and Muscle Gains

40 y/o with T level at 190.

Doc prescribed 2cc test cyp every 3 weeks. felt it only for 5 days. Doc increased to 2cc every 2 weeks, same problem. this is my 6th week, injection tomorrow. I’m thinking about asking for the 2cc every week.

i’m very active, train 6 days a week. training since 1991. my current weight is 251. started the TRT at 235. my goal isn’t to weigh more. in the past i’ve been 217 lbs. i’d like to get to 220 at the moment and then re evaluate.

what results can i expect on TRT?

Please read the advice for new guys sticky then the protocol for injections sticky; then come back here with labs and more information about you.

You doc is stumbling in the dark and has no idea what to do.

We can help a lot, but need more to work on.

Also read the threads of other guys to see what goes on.

We need everything about you in a single thread. Everything goes here. Do not start multiple threads about you or you will get chat room responses.

Ok thanks. I requested the report today.