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TRT and MTHFR T677T Mutation

Hello, I’ve currently been on TRT for 2 years, no issues, also no health issues, 30, eat and train well.

I’ve recently discovered I have the homozygous TT mutation for MTHFR T677T.
This gene is involved in the methylation cycle.

This basically means I don’t process folate properly and homocysteine levels can build up which can lead to increase cardiovascular disease, I’ve ordered a homocysteine test to check my levels.

From what I’ve read there also seems to be an increased risk in thrombosis with this phenotype but is that just due to the elevated levels of homocysteine? Does this risk decrease once you correct homocysteine levels?

I know TRT itself can increase the risk of thrombosis too.

I’m wondering if anyone here has this gene mutation too? Or if anyone who knows about it and TRT could spread shed some light on it for me please?

Is TRT still safe with this mutation?

Thank you

It is nothing to worry about with TRT, and you are not at particularly greater risk of thrombosis by being on TRT. It’s not black and white, having the mutation doesn’t mean anything necessarily as it depends on the individual. You have it to the degree that YOU have it, which is different than than everyone else who has the mutation, it comes on a sliding scale.

Thank you for your reply, I was leaning towards this thought myself as I also had many genes show up that promote high HDL and longevity and one gene also is correlated with a much lower risk of cardiovascular diseases too so my thought was that one gene alone isn’t the whole story.
I’m glad you’ve said this.

So you think aside from checking homocysteine levels, as long as your maintaining nutrition it’s most likely nothing to worry about?

It’s not necessarily any worse than anything else. Most of the caucasian and latino population carries a “Serious” MTHFR mutation. It can be very serious in some, but no big deal in most. As long as the bloodwork is okay I wouldn’t punish myself with a lot of anxiety over it. I have a supposedly terrible MTHFR mutation coupled with the “Warrior” gene. So far, so good.

Have you had an folate and b12 labs done?

I have this “ Warrior” gene too, your referring to the COMT? Val/Val? Faster dopamine clearance?

Interesting stuff!

Also I have another question, do you use AAS?
I have cycled in the past with no issues apart from some acne but I’m wondering if it’s safe to run cycles with the MTHFR mutation?

Just curious if you have done any research yourself?

Thanks bud

Waiting on the results now :slight_smile:

B12 has always been high in past labs and my gene report said I had a different mutation which results in high B12 so I’m hoping this has a positive effect on Homocysteine levels.

Folate has been low in the past.

I have not cycled AAS, but I have found no reason not to relative to that gene. My younger brother has done a lot of AAS, and he gets a lot from a little. His focus is BBing, and he responds well with no particular issues from AAS. I’m huge enough as it is, cycling AAS would make sense if I wanted to compete again but I’m not sure what I would do if I got bigger. I can’t live in just shorts and muscle shirts.