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TRT and Morning Erection


I've been on Androgel (5 Grams daily) for a couple years now. My understanding is that the Androgel would pretty much shut down my natural T production. However, I still get morning erections. Isn't this an indication of an elevated Testosterone level, which would HAVE to be natural? (Not like I'm putting on the Androgel an hour before I wake up.)

Raises the questions - Despite being on Androgel for this length of time, I STILL have some natural T production.

Or- The Androgel really isn't doing a damn thing, and my natural T production is all I'm getting.

Guys on TRT - do you still experience morning erections?


Maybe the Androgel is doing its job and proviing you with enough T to allow you to have morning erections.


For the OP. Why shouldn't one have a morning erection when on TRT? Who says that a synthetic testosterone can't cause morning erections? You sure have a lot more to learn about testosterone ; >


My understanding was that it was a pre-waking testosterone surge (thus an elevated T level) that produced the erection. My point was that if the 'boys' are shut down...where the HELL is this surge coming from?? Like I said, not like I'm applying Androgel an hour before I wake.


I am on TRT, and have morning erections, and in my experience it has more to do with Estradiol than Testosterone. But those are just two hormones involved in a very complex system.

Hope that helps.


no experience with TRT myself and still trying to get educated on the subject
but suppose you're right that Andro shut down your natural production, why couldn't the Andro be the cause of morning wood even if you applied it many hours ago?


I think the question i more why do I still get a wood at this time of day when I have no peak in T at this time (ie I am in shutdown and therefore do not have the normal circadian rhythm for T secretion).

The answer is that although a morning wood generally requires T levels the fact that it occurs in the morning is not due to the peak in T it is due to other processes that occur during sleep (relaxed, dilated blood vessels etc).

You have T (from gel), you are relaxed etc - an erection is more likely


Thanks Cymru and all who answered. That definitely answers my question - there are more factors involved than just a rise in testosterone. I appreciate the responses!


It is very normal for men at much higher dosages than you to have morning erections. The have completely shut down their normal production, but as long as they have their e2 levels in check, morning erections are in fact a sign that their systems are operating the way they are supposed to.


I agree here... As long as E2 is kept in check, TRT has no reason to not cause morning erections. In fact most of those that post here will say the same thing thing; if E2 is the healthy range (low 20's or so) the best way to tell everything is okay IS morning wood.