TRT and Mild ED

Just a question to the users on this board… How many guys on the forum are on TRT and have been on it a while and there ED has improved but still have mild ED and eat low dose ed meds??? And how many years have u eaten ed meds if u do?? And if so do they still work for u even after taking them for years…

I do. Effectiveness seems to come and go, I assume with how my e2 is dialed in, or my t to e ratio… I have times where there is no ed at all for weeks though and I’m Superman too, so I know my body is capable of doing this on its own. Frustrating!

I had mild ED before I got prescribed an AI. I got some samples of Levitra and Viagra and they just made me feel sick and gave me allergy symptoms and a massive headache. Of the two Levitra produced an erection while Viagra turned my mild ED into total ED. I call bullshit on all these boner pills.