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TRT and Lithium Orotate

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has Generalized Anxiety Disorder like I do, and is on TRT? I have always suffered from anxiety and occasionally panic attacks. It really sucks, but that’s life sometimes right?

My specific issue is with low T, I have a really hard time with anxiety. If I raise it, and get somewhat stable things get better, but testosterone seems to be a necessary evil for me. Without it I have bad anxiety, but with it I think it makes me run on edge. I can ever seem to relax, lighten up and enjoy life, at all ever.

I was suggested to try taking lithium orotate. Its a bit different than prescription lithium. Orotate is considered a supplement and many people report great things.

Has anyone taken lithium orotate on TRT? Please share your thoughts I need some help.

Thank you all.

How long ago did you start TRT? Supplements have benefits and side effects. If a sexual side effect is reported I stay away. No need to complicate shit. Meditation is better, but not always a guarantee. I have anxiety too, but Ive been able to control it by facing it or inducing it. So my take on supplements is…dont take it if it ruins your sex drive, sleep, appetite, and erections.

I can’t speak to the efficacy of a supplement for the treatment of anxiety, but I can tell you from personal experience and the reading of a few hundred posts on here that loads of TRT users have mental issues of some manner. Typically anxiety or depression. Hormones play a significant role in common anxiety and mood disorders, and are way overlooked by the majority of doctors.

It is unclear if hormonal problems are the cause or a symptom of mental disorder. But they are indeed connected.