TRT and Life Insurance?

I had a consultation yesterday about getting life insurance. They said I will need to do some blood work, but wouldn’t say what they would test. Does anyone know if they check hormones for life insurance? I’m on self administered TRT and would hate to be denied because of that. I live in Canada if anyone up here has any experience with this.

I’m pretty sure they are more interested in cholesterol and that kind of thing than your T levels… The good news is it’s free (or at least it was the last time I had it done, which was before TRT)

Yeah I seem to think they probably won’t look at things like LH and FSH (which would be 0 for me) and more so looking for things that would put you at risk of dying sooner then later. Just want to be sure.
They did say I will get a copy of the results, so that’s good to get some free blood work!

I’s been about 15 years since I’ve had to take a blood test for a life insurance policy, but I seem to remember them doing a CBC, CMP, Lipids/cholesterol, and HIV test. It is possible that TRT may show up as an anomaly in the CBC panel if you hemoglobin/RBC count is high. Might want to consider a blood donation just in case. The rest should be unaffected.

They will check lipids, CBC, CMP, PSA. UA to make sure you are not using tobacco products (if you claim you are not). Never seen hormones checked.

Since you use an underground source fr TRT, it will not show up on a medical record anywhere, assuming you did not discuss it with your doctor.

I have not discussed it with him yet. I do plan to in the near future as I’d rather have prescription test and regular blood work as I’m not where I’d like to be yet.

Thank you for the input

I have been thinking about this. For this reason I’m going to drop my dose down a couple weeks before that test. I may do a donation, I have a hard time with that mentally though.

The actuary will make an issue out of it if it is in the medical record. From personal experience, I recently added another policy. Did not get denied though. Told them I take it so I can live longer, which they like to hear, and pay more premiums.

Yeah I’ll be waiting till the life insurance tests are all taken care of before going to him with it. It is on record that my testosterone was at the bottom of the rage 2 years ago though.

Could you get life insurance through your employer? I have had the option to pay for life insurance (in the form of 2X, 3X, 4X… my salary) at my last two jobs at least. The cost is fixed rate based on the multiple I pick (I get 1X as a benefit for free and just stuck with that).

No physical was required.

No my company does not offer it, yet anyways. We are a relatively small company still, 74 employees.