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TRT and Libido and Orgasm


I am taking 100 mg Test E every week IM. Will be changing that to 50 mg 2 times a week Subcutaneous (google search Stable Testosterone Levels Achieved with Subcutaneous Testosterone Injections). With not taking an anti estrogen (bad experience in the past) what I have noticed is the day after the injection libido was great then bottomed out. I want to know others experience with this. From what I know this is due to the fast rise in t levels then e levels rise as well. My hope is the 2 times a week 50 mg dose will balance this out without the need for anti estrogens or HGC. Has anyone else had this experience? What are your thoughts? Ideas. Successes?


The introduction of exogenous test will shut you down, resulting in atrophy of your testes. Do you have to use hcg? No, you don't. However, most report feeling better with the introduction of hcg, along with keeping the testes relatively the same size. Long-term, you will probably end up with E2 higher than you want, so AI will be needed - although you may be an overresponder, you a reduced dosage will be needed.


"anti-estrogen" is never a correct term. What exactly were you doing.

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We need more info about you and your lab work [with ranges]. See the advice for new guys sticky.

Injecting more often can lead to less E2 than weekly injections, but expecting that this will solve E2 problems is quite unrealistic.


unless your test, is really low!! , i would never again try to take test, of any kind , its just too hard to balance hormone levels without a unlimited blood results from a doc.,(like weekly blood tests),which you can't get, most doc's order 3 month tests, thats not enough , i would say you need weekly blood work done, or your just running in the dark!! i'll live with low test., doc's around here won't give hcg or an E2 med. of any kind , so i'll have to live with what my body can make, as far as i'm my experince's, i'm way worse off now than when i started


rocktober - sorry that you had some bad experiences. most of us have, but if your system is in bad shape, simply saying that you are going to make do with what you have may not be best solution. There are good doctors and good treatment programs out there that can help.

I too was worse off when I went into treatment. 8 doctors, 18 blood tests, and 3 years later I am doing much better. am I 100%? no. I was at 40%, then dropped to 20% with bad treatment/bad doctors, and think I am at 70% now with periods of 90% or better.


What a stupid comment...would you tell a diabetic not to take insulin?

This isn't a bunch of brotards hanging around taking test just to get "swolled up yo"...

It is possible to get very stable blood levels as long as your injection protocol is not retarded (frequent injections)...

Where do you live that docs won't prescribe hcg or arimidex?


delaware....no doc's here, just stay the way you F***ing are !!! glad someone has good doc's


On the test c 2nd shot. Libido down but am being patient.


I got put on t-cyp a few months back. I've tried several different injection timing regimens from E10D to E2D. In my case, E5D seems to work best for maximizing benefits while minimizing E-related sides without (so far) an AI. My point is not that E5D is The Thing Everyone Should Do, it's that bodies vary and you may have to experiment some to find the optimal regimen for your situation.


Yes I read alot of people do well on E5D. Doing once a week now. will be patient. do not want to use any other medications. Will give it a good 2 months as suggested to me from doctor. Yes I see evryone is different for sure.


What amount are you injecting? I am at 150. Do you do in glutes mostly?


100 mg t-cyp E5D. Generally in the quads, sometimes (with my gf's help) in the glutes.


I am going to try quads next I see why you need help with glutes it is not easy. How long until you felt results. And balance out.


On 100 mg a week after 6 weeks, I suffered from some pretty bad erectile dysfunction. Once I upped the dose to 200 mg a week everything went away. Blood pressure was at around 106 / 63. I really do not understand why everyone has estrogen problems, never used an AI, and never had any water retention, sore nips, high blood pressure etc.


Famous last words...we have had a couple of dummies who started threads about how AI's were unnecessary and we are swindlers and charlatans for advocating them...both were in the forums a few months later asking for help with: HIGH E2!

Hope it doesn't happen to you though...


Well, I am quite a bit smarter than how I made my post sound. Lets just say my e2 levels were so low that my body could not even hold on to water even on 100 mg.

My blood pressure has also stayed consistently at around 105 to 110 systolic and 63 to 70 diastolic for 3 months now running 200 mg a week. So I will continue to keep on eye on things


Excellent. Glad it is working out. I will get blood tests in another few weeks but so far so good. My libido seems to be slowly coming back. I do not get exhauseted in the middle of the day anymore either.


My first injection was 200 mg and the effects started to hit about 3 hours later. It was not subtle -- my metabolism suddenly cranked way up and I wanted to go jump my gf and lift everything in the gym. Definitely T (and the gf was very amused... and kinda sore after the first couple of days). But it was 4-5 weeks before things got steady -- definitely a lot of up and down early on.

Mostly now I just feel good. But I've become really aware of how things like being short on sleep or eating crap or too much booze can throw that off. Self-care has become more of a priority.