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TRT and LDL Cholesterol Question


I’ve been on TRT for about 6 months now. One common theme that I’ve gathered from following message boards and online groups is that testosterone seems to raise LDL cholesterol in most men. Given that oxidized LDL is a confirmed heart disease risk factor, what can we do to combat this. If this is true that testosterone raises the bad LDL cholesterol, how then can TRT be good for your heart and cardio system. Of all the side effects of TRT such as blood thickening, high blood pressure, increased estrogen, PSA, it seems like managing LDL seems to be the toughest. Any thoughts on this? Thanks


Testosterone also lowers HDL so its doubly bad. Most men needing Test end of reducing overall body fat and exercising more so the argument is this is better for your than the alternative. My cholesterol ratio went in the crapper after starting TRT but after a couple months adjusting diet, including omegas, and adding red yeast rice supplement I am now in a good ratio again.


My BP is great. It was 117/28 at 52 years old. The so called “blood thickening” comes from increased red blood cells and can easily be handled thru blood donation. My PSA is also good. Yes, E2 increases but, again, is easily controlled thru and AI.

You sound like you beleive all the BS put out by mainstream medicine, which if you read this forum, you should know doesnt know shit about TRT.