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TRT and Its Effect on (my) Fertility w/ Results

There’s a constant worry from people on here about TRT causing infertility with a debate on whether you should be on HCG year round to preserve fertility.

Here’s my stats:

  1. I’m 37 years old.
  2. I’ve been on TRT for 4ish years 200mg/week.
  3. No hcg ever.
  4. Have a varicocele & hydracele on left testicle as well as two cysts.
  5. Been on an extra 150mg T Prop & 150mg Mast Prop for 5 months (in addition to 200mg/week).

Recent results:

Anyone that says TRT makes you infertile is not correct. I was on 500mg for 5 months with 350mg of that being testosterone and got a girl I’ve been dating since literally the day I started the extra shit 5 months ago pregnant. Granted I did have sex at least one a day.


I am not convinced of your methodology on this one :thinking: I am convinced your girlfriend is fertile though.


Congrats man!

I’m not sure whether to be happy for you or annoyed that I’m on HCG and FSH and still no babies, haha. I’m just going to blame it on her instead of me.

I’m just saying there’s so many folks that are so scared of losing fertility but there’s 8 million stories of folks on steroid level dosages conceiving. I think the worry is a little overblown. Take HCG when your ready to conceive. Throw in a little Masteron if you want to constantly murder the puss every 3 minutes.

Just to be clear, I am giving you shit.

I am not all that worried about fertility myself. I think reading through the study about restoring fertility for AAS and TRT users gave me a lot of confidence. About 97-98% of men regained their fertility.

Congrats. I hope, lol. Got 'er done!

Guess this is the end of your vaginal attainment log…


I like how you bought two because you didn’t believe the first time.

Congrats for becoming a father :fire:

“Murder the puss” I’m dying! :joy:

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I always laughed when I saw the title of your thread. I thought to myself, always be careful what you wish for. There’s a pre-children attitude towards said attainment and a post-children attitude toward this attainment you refer to. After children, you realize you are a pawn in a funny but effective game. Congratulations, mother nature always finds a way.

Btw dexter I saw that you use daily dosing. Aren’t you worried about the syringes get contaminated whit bacteria if you just left them out there pre filled whit testosterone? Or do you fill one at the time every day?

I do not use daily dosing, but I do prefill many syringes at once and leave them in the cupboard waiting. It really should be no issue unless you re-use syringes or don’t wipe things down.

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This was my semen analysis 12 months after being on 140mg/week testosterone cypionate. 0 Sperm. You’re not taking anything? She’s not taking something from someone else?

What did your analysis look like before TRT?

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Unknown, never tested unfortunately. Docs didn’t do a very good job asking if it was primary or secondary. They said you can take Clomid or TRT for the rest of your life, of you chose.

The only reason I was asking is because plenty of natural men have the same problem. I have friends who are not on TRT with issues conceiving. Point being… it may be unrelated.

100% plausible. I’ve had hypogonadism since puberty and something aint right genetically. Would be interested in seeing other peoples before/after counts. I could have a pre-existing condition that wasn’t caught.

For what it’s worth I’m doing daily now and fill it each night before. Part of my nighttime ritual

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I wish I had tested beforehand to have a baseline of some sort