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TRT and Insomnia

I just had my labs run, My T was 796 on the day of injection, E2 was 29 using labcorp. Is E2 at 29 enough to cause insomnia?

I’ve read that the ideal level of E2 using Quest is 22, whereas with Labcorp the ideal is 17…


Everyone is going to have a different “sweet spot”. Yours may not be 22 - that’s just a guideline. What are you taking as an AI?

I took .25mg anastrozole a week and a half before those labs. I stopped taking it for a bit to see where my numbers would land.

I started out at .5mg a week and that put my E2 at 7.

I have since changed my dose to .25mg once a week. I may try splitting that dose into .125mg twice a week.

I’ve seen it mentioned that aromasin can work better for some people at the same E2 level as anastrozole. I may give that a try…