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TRT and Insomnia Issues

I’ve been on trt for over 3 months now and I have the worst insomnia of my life. Usually ok falling asleep but wake up anywhere between 2-5 then I’m up for the day. I feel it’s taking away any benefits from the trt. I have minimal stress, rarely consume alcohol, caffeine is minimal. I’ve never had any major sleep issues in the past.

I’m on .70 ml of test e 200mg split into 2 doses. No AI

My recent bloods are total T 586 pmol/L
and estradiol 102 pmol/L

The ranges seem fine so I don’t think they’re enough to cause the issue?

Jut last week the Dr did up my dose by .10 per week.

Since that happened that’s when the 2am wakes ups started where as before it was a little later wake up

Anyone else on the forum run into these issues.

Thanks. Kirky.

Your testosterone is 586 pmol/l? That’s ~1,590 ng/dL. If it is then your e2 is hilariously low, which would explain why you’re having sleep issues.

Average estradiol for males is 10-40 pg/ml. Covert my 102 pmol/l and it puts me at 27 pg/ml so I’m in good range there.

I’d reduce your dose.

The higher my dose, the crappier my sleep. Just that simple.

If your TT is 1500, it’s too high imo.

I’d reduce to 120mg per week split twice and see what happens. You’re over stimulated imo.

Oh, are average males also on 140mg of exogenous testosterone every week? Because if they are then that range sure would be useful. But if they’re not then that range is kind of arbitrary. Your TT is very high, your e2 relative to it is pretty low. That’s a recipe for feeling lousy and side effects such as, wait for it, sleep disturbances. Your e2 is low. Try muttering ‘but I’m in range’ while you toss and turn all night, or consider ways to get your TT and e2 into a better ratio with one another and get a good nights sleep.

Is there anything else that has changed? Many men start training a lot harder upon starting TRT, which can for sure cause sleep issues for many. Any thing else you can think of?

It could be your TRT protocol, but we see all these threads, and it seems that many jump to the conclusion that it is something with their TRT protocol.

I would start looking here. If you make a change, then notice effect, that would be the first spot to look. Perhaps you need to lower by 0.10 per week.

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Thanks for the input. Yea nothing else has changed, and training is no different than before.

Perhaps my body will adjust in time with the .10 raise? I’ll give it a bit and if there’s no improvement I’ll drop the.10.

I appreciate your response. It’s crazy how my E could be too low without using an AI. Last week my clinic raised my test dose by .10 and they said my E was to high and asked me to up my dose of AI. I told them that I haven’t taken my AI since I started on the program over 3 months ago.

You figure my free T is extremely high? What would you consider a good range or level to be?


It’s my Free T not TT. I have been splitting my dose twice a week since the start.


Your TT is high, which in it of itself isn’t an issue. You have a dynamite response to 140mg. That’s a good thing. The problem is your e2 is not just a standalone number. There’s a ratio that exists and within the range of this heretofore undefined ratio most guys feel their best. If your clinic told you it’s high then they’re smoking meth out of a lightbulb. Mine is at least 70% higher than yours and my TT is about half.

Are you on HCG? That usually gives a nice kick up in e2 when used.

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I don’t know what’s up with my clinic. They’re a legit company but maybe they just aren’t experienced enough?! Who knows. It’s kinda worrisome though. My test level is Free T and not TT. Does that make a difference in my situation? No I’m not running a HCG. They recommended that I run 25mg of DHEA per day. I haven’t yet.