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TRT and Horrible Sweating Issues

Not sure if this is common amongst anyone but I have HORRIBLE back sweat / genital sweating issues. I work sitting at a computer all day and by 1pm in the afternoon I have to run home , take a quick shower and change clothes because of how bad my back sweats.

I had this issue before TRT somewhat but it seems now that it’s progressed worse. In august I actually went to see my general doctor because I had done some reading and saw that it could have to do w/ type 2 Diabetes or Thyroid issues. I checked out negative for both.

Does anyone have any ideas? Or things I can do to help manage it other then change undershirts 3x a day.


May be worth posting those labs. Docs have a tendency to say “you’re normal” if you’re inside the normal range, even if at the limit of normal with something that could explain your issues

Its the T doing all of the push ups for you when you’re being idle. Its part of the process I suppose. Dont freak out. Get a tower fan and place it underneath the desk to cool your balls off when youre at your desk, it should cool all of you. Works for me.

I have the same issue. I practically need a manpon for my swamp ass. I’ve seen dermatologist and they can give you medicine for hyper hydrolysis. It has side effects though. You can also try one of that are high aluminum chloride roll ons. It stings a bit though after application but does work in sealing the pores.

Not sure if you can read these or not. I could not upload a PDF file…