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TRT and High Estrogen

I’m a 41 year old male. 5’10 185 (not sure if this matters)

I was working with a trainer who got me starting using testosterone Cypionate 200Mg twice per week (total of 400MG per week). I loved the way it made me feel at first but after some time it was having adverse effects. I came on the forums here and soon learned that I was on what would be called a cycle dose. I was on the 400Mg per week dose for about 9 months. Like an idiot i never got blood work and I’m sure my estrogen was through the roof.

About 6 weeks ago I cut my dose to 100MG twice per week and noticed I felt slightly bettter. I recently started working with a doctor who is TRT friendly and got my labs done. I got my labs done about 5 weeks after changing my dose. My labs were done on the 4th day before my second weekly injection. These are my current levels from my labs.

Hormones Current Reference Range Previous
Estradiol (pg/mL) 38.3 25.8~60.7
DHEA-S (µg/dL) 247.5 88.9~427.0
LH (mIU/mL) <0.1 L 1.7~8.6
SHBG (nmol/L) 38.5 16.5~55.9
Cortisol (µg/dL) 6.6 A.M.: 6.2-19.4
P.M.: 2.3-11.9
Testosterone, Total (ng/dL) 572.6 200.5~1437.8
Free Testosterone (ng/dL) 10.68 4.09~37.37
Parathyroid Hormone (pg/mL) 46 15~65
Estrone* (pg/mL) 76.0 H 10.2~49.9
Prolactin (ng/mL) 8.59 4.04~15.20
Dihydrotestosterone (ng/dl) 109.3 H 14.8~101.8
Pregnenolone (ng/mL) 1.56 0.38~3.50

My doctor is saying I should bump my dose to 150mg twice per week. She wants me to take Anastrozol (I think it’s another name for Arimadex), and another suppliment called Prostate Supreme.

I just wanted to see if what people thought of this.

Depends what you mean by you felt slightly better. If you feel fine then why change anything? If you feel slightly better but not optimal than you have some room to go higher. Your trough is not that high for TT or FT and all the other values look fine. Not sure why she wants to put you on arimidex. Doesn’t seem necessary.

My Estrogen is 76 and normal range is 10-49 according to her

Also, my DHT is 109 and normal is 14.8-101.8.

I say i feel slightly better becuase my sex drive has returned a bit more but not where I would like for it to be.

Oh, I was looking at your Estradiol which is in the range. Don’t see too many post their Estrone so I am not very familiar with this.

Sorry I’m sortof new to all of this…Isnt Estrone Estrogen?

Someone else will need to chime in. All I can tell you is what I found with a quick google search. Estrone is E1, Estradiol is E2. Most people reference their E2 levels. Your E2 levels look fine.

Why for crying out loud!? You are well within range. You could be double that and probably still be fine.

Ummm. You said Doctor? You sure bout that title?
What days are you injecting?
Your estrone is a number. Nobody really cares, but it is a number. Estradiol (E2) is the one you check if you’re going to check one. LH is also a pointless measurement, it will be zero or nearlt zero.
Try 125 twice a week before considering 150mg, and you have the opposite of a need for Anastrozole. Taking an AI with those numbers is asking for problems, and the supplement is just something to make money for the clinic - it is equally unnecessary. And 400mg a week long term is maybe asking for problems, so good call on cutting the dose.

That’s really good to hear becuase I would prefer to stay away from Arimidex if possible.

You dont think the Estrone is concerning since i’m 76 and the renference range is 10.2-49.9?

Well within range of what? My Estogen?

My labs say i’m 76 and the reference range is 10.2-49.9. Is that not concerning?

I have never had mine measured that I’m aware of. I have no intention of ever having it measured. I have not yet read anything indicating that I should care what it is, and I doubt that someone will come up with a reason before I’m dead. @highpull might know different and I would defer to him if he says that it matters, but other than that I would fail to care about the number if you feel good and everything works correctly.

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I would like to see my sex drive and boners to kick start again like when I first started using testosterone. That is my goal lol.

One thing I forgot to mention is that i do 250IU of HCG per week as well.

If you dont mind i ask, where are testosterone numbers?

i thought mine would be much higher than 572 considering i’m injecting 100mg twice per week.

It all comes down to lab range. Your range goes up to 1437.8, which is weird. That puts you below mid-range, which I don’t really believe. Personally, I would want another lab, maybe from Labcorp or somewhere that I could trust as generally reliable.That is a really odd upper range limit.

The labs are Vibrant America which is good so I dont think that’s an issue.

200mg a week puts me at 1450 Total test, on a range that maxes at 1100 or 1200. Several other guys are even higher, almost no one would be be mid-range at that dose. Not impossible, but it weird be really, really unusual. And your height and bodyweight don’t matter, to answer the first question that you posted.

Why do the lab ranges matter? If one lab measures your TT at 800 and another also measures it at 800 why does it matter what the lab ranges are? You are still 800, right? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I see people asking for ranges often and never understood why it matters.

That is alarming that im so low. I’m wondering if it’s because i’m using Testoserone that isnt perscirbed by a doctor. Basically it’s gym Testosterone sold in the black market.

I recently just got a perscription for real stuff but man I wouldnt have expected the black market stuff to be bunk stuff. Plus I do see pretty sufficient progress in the gym.

Underdosed is not unbelievable. Don’t change your dose until you have labs on the pharmacy stuff, should happen at 6 or 8 weeks. UGL explains a lot.

I was going to ask where you got it from, pharmacy or gym bro, cos you’re TT isn’t very high for that dose. I’d guess it’s pretty underdosed.

Your FT is also really low, get that up to 25-30ng and you’ll start feeling better.

E2 is fine you don’t need an AI now, estrone shouldn’t concern you. E2 is what has most of the action we’re worried about.

If you feel good, don’t let lab numbers or ranges freak you out.


Is that something that’s common in underground labs?