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TRT and Hemoglobin Levels

Ive been on TRT dor 4 months now and just had labs checked. Everything is normal except my hemoglobin and hematocrit and t levels.

hgb 18.8 (normal range 13.2-17.3)

hct 56.3 Normal range 39-49

testosterone, total
55 ng/dL 300-890
testosterone, serum, free
0.9 NG/DL 4.8-25.7
sex hormone binding globulin, serum
37.5 nmol/L 16.5-55.9

once i saw this i went and donated blood. Not sure what that will bring it down to. Had T levels drawn at a trough per my doctors request.

Im prescribed 200mg im every two weeks. Ive been using 100mg every week. So same dose just different interval. Feel pretty good for a few days then not as good for last few until my next shot. So was hoping to go up to 200 per week. Not sure what my doc is gonna do. Any advice from you guys? Not on any ancillary meds right now.

Im wondering if the swing in high and low is the problem and causing my hgb to rise. I have no idea what my high number is. So the doctor wanted me to get labs done the day before my next shot so i normally inject 100/wk. but leading up to the lab i converted to my actual prescription which is 200mg test c every 2 weeks. I just feel better on weekly injects Although half the week i still feel bad.

My levels pre trt when i was getting worked up were really low total t 85 Free was low also shbg nl and all other values were normal

You need to inject T twice a week and subq will be better.

Yes it is the peaks!

I gave you specific recommendations in March.
Have you read those stickies?

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Yeah ive been doing subq but i can divide doses even further. Wont that be more wasted volume per vial? Or dose it really matter?

So based on current prescription ill be doing 50 mg twice weekly.

Any idea how much your hgb drops after a standard donation?

Yes i read it. Thats why i divided the dose from every 2 weeks as prescribed. Just assumed weekly was ok.