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TRT and Hcg For Almost 3 Months, Lots of Weight Gain. Labs Below


Thank You So Much My Friend I wasent sure E2 i guess in my tests it wasent cked i guess i can look what do i look for? Does It say E2 i thought i got all estrogen cked lol i just cant get it together my friend


This blood test says your E2 is at 29 this is not the sensitive test but it gives you a pretty good idea of about where your E2 is. If we go on the 29 as being a good number then you should NOT take an AI. Sometime this type of E2 test can be off by 10-20 points to high. Meaning your sensitive E2 could be 19 or even 9 and that is bad. A 9 would be considered crashed.


ok i wont take a Al then for now! I understand its a 29 is it under the estrogen? It says 69 under the estrogen oh i see above 29 i looked at below


Give those supplements we talked about a chance to work, Go workout or take your girl out for a great date get your mind of all this. When your thyroid starts working better your TRT will kick in and you will be on top of the world. Time my friend give it time. Later I got to go to the gym myself.


Lmao I did last night on the jerzey shore saw live band on the water awsome and was witha hot green eyed blondie lol i take my mind of just worried and yes i go to the gym later and blow it out my friend! I want to thank you soo much for all your help! Your awsome have a awsome day my friend if i need to hollar ill be writting hope the pills kick in in time blessings my friend


Good Morning hrdlvn, Hope Your having a nice weekend! I wanted to ask you taking these supplements to get my Levels to normal! How long do i wait to get my Blood tested To see if they all came up or even to normal Ranges? Also Not sure if your on Trt but if you still are how much Hcg are you doing each wk? You may of said it in a earlier Note just wounder how much is really needed to work each wk with the Trt? Hope your having your Sunday Funday morning Coffee my friend! I think you said your in florida tooo


Good Morning hrdlvn, Are You around Posted this days ago! Hope Your well My friend! Been on those supplements for like a wk!! But i noticed the last 3 days my tummy hurts and feel sometimes Nautious alittle!! And i have to go to the bathroom almost like 3-4 times a day! Also feeling wozy and light headed alittle! Is this the systems from the Iron Pill? Not sure just feeling weird any suggestions my friend? Also From whats happening and my Trt isent working that well! Maybe its almost a waste until all is fixed and leveles come up! Gezz what it takes to feel Good and IM NOT!! PS ACTUALLY THEY DIDNT HAVE AT STORE THE Feosol Carbonyl iron 45 mg so i got the Iron Ferrious sulfate instead But reading these write ups and more online the one u said is way better and not so harsh on the tummy! Also it doesnt make you Nassious or wozy!! Its absorbs diffrently and slower!! So im getting and stopping other!! Please any input please shout about what i wrote in Note thanks


Good Morning hrdlvnm Hope Your well i wrote a note to last wk but no reply? Hope your ok my friend! If your a Dad happy fathers day! I told you about the Iron pills i been taking etc but i feel so shitty from these pills! There making me feel weird and Nautious and light headed at times sometimes Dirrea upset stomach and just feel weird! So Im not sure i guess its from these iron Pills! I been on them for over 10 days! Maybe i need to stop taking them not sure please any input would be great read my note above thanks


Sorry rocky I’ve been away. Iron pills make my turds black but that is about it. You might need to find another brand to take and never take more that 325mg /day. Also 1g of Vit-C will also help you adsorb the iron. It will take months to build your ferritin back up. I usually do a little blood test 30-60 days in to see how my ferritin and HCT are going.

Ferritin is the part of your blood cell that carries the O2 to your muscles and everything else. You will feel like shit with low ferritin.
Are you still taking the selenium, zinc and iodine for your thyroid?


thanks for the Reply, Thanks yea sucks ive looked it up and the side effects are low ferrittin are Upset Tummy Lights headed alittle and Nautious and feeling aliitle weird! Yes Blackish Stools to which i have too! I only take 1 a day whcih the brand im takiing is Natures Way Iron 65 eqilient to 325 of Ferrious Sulfate it says on front couldnt get the one u said which im gonna get a Slow Release wont be so hard on my tummy and maybe not make me feel so bad they say! And yes i been taking the selenium, Sea kelp/iodine all of them for like 10 days now with the iron also zinc magnisum and calsium! Also added some vitamin C supplements in the last 3 days so Who knows i Eat good and helathy i was thinking for my iron maybe with the iron Pill and foods i eat and the multable vitamin i take maybe i might be getting to much and that it can cause all the same things but worse! Who knows my friend thanks for the info and other input please throw it out there thanks


Good Morning hrdlvnm Were Are You My Friend? Wrote you a few Notes To You! Hope your well my friend and doing okkk! I wrote u back! My Endo has been away for awhile and just got back mid of this Past wk! So The Nurse Put my Blood Tests Labs On His Desk which i did many wks ago the 2 in within 3 wks apart! So he would look them over! They called me earlier today and she said the Doc wanted me go on a Low Dose Of Meds For My Thyroid! This Is what he is perscribing and heres deffinition to of the med! Synthroid 25mgs is a prescription medication that can help treat hypothyroidism. … Synthroid can help restore thyroid hormone balance. It is a man-made thyroid hormone identical to thyroxine, the hormone that’s naturally made by the thyroid gland. Synthroid is a narrow therapeutic index (NTI) medication.They were gonna call it in! Gezz Is there any way around this my friend? Maybe bye taking what i been or any other Natural supplements that would get my thyroid back to were it should be? I just dont like taking meds Like that! Im just not happy about this whole thing with my thyroid and low Iron/Ferrittin and just feeling shitty Im over ittttttt! Any Ideas My friend sorry just frustrated


You don’t have any problems taking testosterone every week what is wrong with taking Synthroid? You need them both and your ferritin back to feel better. The supplements I suggested should have worked in 4-7 days and yet you reported feeling no better. That means your thyroid is in bad shape. Your TRT will not work correctly on a bad thyroid.

You now know what is wrong and you now have a path. Take it
it shouldn’t make you feel worse but it’s not going to fix you overnight so give it some time.


Good Morning hrdlvnm thanks for the Reply back days ago my friend! Yes those supplements helped but the iron made me feel weird for many days with upset tummy alittle nautious etc im allitle better! But im getting slow release iron pills in next few days so not so harsh on my tummy and feeling weird from them! And What i meant i just dont like taking meds! I thought maybe like the supplements I been taking would help me and which they did but im still off! Also i just got the meds tonight at Cvs and ill start taking them talked with pharmacist she said when the Doc gave me is a very low dose 25mgs she said normal mgs are usually 100mgs 125mgs so she said this is lowest dose to help me get the thyroid going on and whats been not working and that im still not feeling that good! So i hope this low dose will start working and help me an get me back to normal my friend!!! thanks so much for taking the time to write back blessings

Ps my friend ive just watch
some doctors Videos talk about Hypothridissm and a few said what may cause it to be not working that well is having HIGH ESTROEGN? Remember i been on Trt for over 4 months! And i havent taken a AL At all yet Arimadex/Arnozole!! Also reading some articles saying if your ferritin is low and you’re cortisol or also there’s another test for the cortisol and sometimes a saliva test that has something to do with the two that your adrenal glands could be messed up so I’m really not sure you know this stuff so please throw it out there my friend either one you’re considered hypothyroid so I’m not sure my friend any more input you know this stuff I appreciate it thank you Hm so maybe that causing this problem im having my friend? Any input pleasez


Your blood test says your E2 is 29 that is not high that is perfect. As for your thyroid questions I don’t know much about the thyroid just the basic functions and proper levels. Getting ones thyroid working properly is much harder that tuning up your T and E.


You know it’s really wild is that my TSH was really high in that one blood test on May 8th it was 5400 then if you look it went down to 3400 which was normal 3 weeks later so I don’t know what that has to do with it’s just crazy I appreciate all your help I don’t mean to be a pain writing all this stuff just want to feel good but I also don’t want to take that damn drug I know I’m on the trt with no Al low dose of HCG but I just don’t want to get caught up into those meds I’m not sure what to do just want to feel better and I thank you so much for all your help please input is the key


Good Morning hrdlvn How are you my friend? Hope alls well with you! Ah we havent talked in awhile! Hope life is treating you well! Going to see my Endo this Tuesday i go like every 3 months he has me come see him!I I did all those tests you said and you saw my results you saw awhile back and I been on those supplements you said try to take awhile back! Been on the 3 Supplements for over a month or so 5-6 wks now! So when i go see him in a few days should i get him to give me a script for my Blood labs!! Is there any others tests that i should maybe have done besides the ones you said get done which ill need to be retested on all again right? I guess its been enough time to retest all labs now? Please any thoughts on this please shout out jsut getting over a summer flu that hit me 3 days ago bad but feeling better! please help me my friend thanks Rocky Ps Im feeling alittle better havent worked out for awhile its been so hot at the jerzey shore for wks! So i went in here and there still feel off alittle


Hi Rocky I was wondering how you were doing. If you remember I said if you did not feel better on the iodine selenium and zinc in 7 to 10 days they are more than likely not helping. Getting your ferritin up over 50 should still be your priority 1 so testing your ferritin would be money worth spending.
Until your ferritin is up in range there is no reason to retest your Thyroid numbers that dam panel is expensive as all get out. When your ferritin is in the 80-100 range get your thyroid checked again. I just have this gut feel you are going to need a thyroid med. it’s not a big deal man and your TRT will really kick in.
The full panel is : TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, and antibody levels.
But for me the important ones are FT3 it needs to be at the top of the range and the reverse T 3 should be below 15



Good morning my friend thanks for the reply glad you’re doing okay I’m going to see my Endo in a few hours yes as far as the tests and stuff I’m pretty much covered on it so that’s why I was asking maybe it was too soon to get retested I bet on those supplements and also the iron supplement to get that furritin up it’s probably been like 1 and 1/2 months or a little longer! Thats the only reason why I was asking if there’s any of the tests cuz I was told about a cortisol saliva test they said that you should check that because that will throw your thyroid off completely if your cortisol and your fort ferritin is low something about a saliva test? So I’m not sure but I’m hanging in there I mean haven’t worked out as much at the gym last 3 weeks cuz it’s been really hot here you know and getting back in this week in fighting the cold and also I just figured I’d ask you about any other tests cuz I go see him I hope all is well my friend any suggestions please God bless


Quick question for hrdlvn . Im in fort myers , Florida looking for a trt doc . Im currently with c4mh but they give shots every two weeks instead of twice of week . I’m looking for some one better for a good price . I have no insurance .


I don’t know what this forums rules are on suggesting sources.
I use Defy out of Florida, been with them for over 2 years, and love them.