TRT and Hcg For Almost 3 Months, Lots of Weight Gain. Labs Below

I have 3mls Seringes and i put it to the 1/2 ml Line i break it up 1/2 of a 1/2 ml 2 times a wk mon-thurs or tues-fridays hopefully my endo will send me a ok and to go get my tests labs done this wk sent them all info you gave me thanks

yes 1/4 of a ml. Dang that is a big syringe. Get yourself some Easy Touch 27ga 1/2" they are 12 bucks for 100 off the internet. I can’t post links I believe it is against the forum rules and I don’t see a PM system on the forum. This forum layout is not easy I am used to vbulletin’s

I have those ones you have i put my Hcg in!! Very hard to put the T in!! Its Oil base and its very thick! I draw out quick with a thicker drawing tip!! So i asked you with the arimadex you said .125 m/w/fri so whats that in size? I have 1mg pills from my doc of the of the Al? also you said less Hcg? how much should i take 2 times a wk then the 250ius!! I been taking please advise you said what you take so alittle confused lol thank you my friend

I inject subQ around my bellybutton. I put the HCG in first and then the Tcyp in grapeseed oil on top. Its a little slow but not bad. Give it a try next time it’s pretty painless.
1mg pills dam that sucks.
Walgreens sells pill splitters. You will need to cut the pills in 4 pieces. Don’t worry about the crumbs. Those will be about .25 I would take one each day of your shot. so twice a week.
.50/wk I highly recommend you not take more. See what .50 feels like and report back in a week.

Duh, you wanted to know about HCG. I really like 800/wk so 400 with each T shot.
I’ve been as high as 1500/wk and could feel no difference.

thank youu! Yea it does suck ill get the splitter and do 2 a wk total 50for wk! And i do the 50mgs of T! So how much Hcg i Do 250iuss! You said lower to what now? So do 400ius 2 times a wk now which is 800? You said i should lower it! But your saying higher it now? i am doing 250iues now 2 a wk which is 500 total?

Sorry for the confusion.
IMO 500 is to low. See if you notice anything at 800 give it a month if not go back to 500.

Its ok thanks! So your saying do 400iues 2 times a wk totally 800? Instead of the 250iues i been doing for 2 months? Im In my 50s!! So not sure if that has anything to do with the doses? Your alot younger i bet!! Im going to gym now to blow some water weight out that i been holding and the weight gain!! thank you for all your help and advise just want to feel good Again!! Please advise exact Thanks

I’m 65 Yes 400 with each T shot. I really don’t think one can OD on HCG. For awhile my doc had me on 500 3x/wk

Wow cool than you so much for your help! May I ask how long you been on Trt for? I guess you’ve experienced all these different things before maybe like what I been going threw Now Recently? Thanks my friend for all your help

2 years. First 6 months with my PCP that did not work out well. He tried bless his heart.
Found a clinic in Fl been real happy with them.

Good Morning hrdlvn Wow so you been on it that long like i was! And like i said i stopped this Past Sept I was on Trt for over 2 and half yrs myself! But stopped because i was going threw some heavey aniexty depression type of stuff!! It wasent good for almost 4 months and i came out Of it! It was very weird Not sure what caused it! Finally i came out of it at the end of Jan! I Was Starting to feel myself!! And like i said i started my T in mid feb and added the Hcg a month Later! No Al!! Maybe I Should wait until i get my blood labs done with the tests i sent To get done from my endo first? And then see were im at with results before starting the Al Arimadex yet? Ps i lived in florida for over 30 yrs Boca Raton/Delray beach area! But came Back yrs ago to take care of my mom at the jerzey shore dont miss fla at all! I really love the Shore! thanks for all your help please advise Rocky

Blood tests are the best way to know what is really going on. If you can stand how you are feeling at your current dose of T cyp sure why not. Me I would be dropping my T dose. Less T means less E. You can always go back up when you get your bloodwork. Just my opinion its your call.

Yeaa ill wait to hopefully get these labs done this wk! Do i need to Fast for those? Yea i can lower alittle! Also Lowering my T yes but not really doing much any way! 1/2 Ml A wk anyway!! Whos knows just want to feel good for a old guy lol!! thank you my friend!!

I always do a 12 hour fast and try to get a good nights sleep. I usually try to go to Labcorp on Monday morning before I inject mondays dose.

Ok thank you soon as i get the refferrel ill do that thanks so much keep u posted and any other things u can think of please feel free to post to me thanks

I look forward to hearing about your blood tests and any protocol changes your doc recommends.

Yes Me Too!! Thanks so much for your help!! Have a Great Sunday

Hello hrdlvn, Hope Your well! I Received My Blood work scritpt from friday from labcorp! So i fasted and went dismorning for my Blood work! So hopefully ill have in a few days all the tests back and Results you Recommened!! So soon as i get them ill post on here for you to see and see were to go from there thanks Rocky

Hello hrdlvn And Fellow Members Hope Your All well! I Received My Blood work back Today Finally For All Those Tests You mentioned To Get Done Well Here They Are! Im Gonna Put up On here and if you can look over please when you can and see whats up with me or any one else on here that can help me out please! Also Below These 2 sheets I reposted Blood Tests From 3 Wks Ago! Please chimm in and help out start posting thanks everyone Rocky !


PS also here are the other Blood Labs I Had Done 3 wks Here They are Repost So You Guys See All Please help thank You

Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct, S




Triiodothyronine (T3)

Triiodothyronine (T3)



TSH 5.490 High uIU/mL 0.450 - 4.500 01

hCG,Beta Subunit, Qnt, Serum hCG,Beta Subunit,Qnt,Serum <1 mIU/mL 0 - 3 01 Roche ECLIA methodolog

Prolactin 15.7 High ng/mL 4.0 - 15.2 01

Testosterone,Free and Total Testosterone, Serum 293 ng/dL 264 - 916 01! Fee Testosterone(Direct) 7.2 pg/mL 7.2 - 24.0 01

Vitamin B12 1619 High pg/mL 232 - 1245 01