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TRT and Hcg For Almost 3 Months, Lots of Weight Gain. Labs Below


I may have a similar issuing creeping up. I read that iron levels can actually go lower as RBC /hemoglobin/hct go up. Which yours is at the high normal. It looks like my ferritin is dropping to.
Do you get itchy skin during the week?

I really have no experience with this.
You may want to see a hematologist to analyze the CBC and iron labs. I would love to hear their point of view.

Btw I did not read your entire message. You may want to add space in between after about 2-3 sentences. Makes it easier to read.


Your labs look fine, how do you feel? You’re hyperfocused on lab numbers when they’re all good.

At this point how are you feeling compared to when you started the thread? Better, worse, same? Energy levels, sleep, depression, etc…


Thank you for reaching out yes I guess you saw since I started this from the beginning lot of ups and downs but as far as my energy levels yes it’s gotten a lot better warranty in the last 2-3 weeks now I don’t know if that has anything to do with lowering my testosterone injections every week because my E2 is showing so high the total and the estrogen-sensitive so Charlie said back off on my testosterone some my E2 should come down so I’m not sure when to recheck that how many weeks in between to recheck your estrogen-sensitive in your total again to see but I do have more energy I’m working out pretty good in the gym but I still like I said get fatigued here and there and sometimes need to take a nap even if it’s 20 minutes so I don’t know if that’s because of the low ferritin and the iron 6 months I have no clue so thank you for chiming in if there’s anything else you want to throw out there or anybody else please do I just want to feel on top of my game finally back to where I used to be cuz it’s been a long time thank you


Good morning Charlie 12 sorry about that everything was Bunch together I was voice texting actually and that’s how it wrote it my question to you maybe you can answer anybody how long do I have to wait since I lowered my testosterone injections because my estrogen was so high it was like 51 like you saw above and my total was Sky High but I did lower My dose per wk!!
So how long do I actually have to wait from that time to get my estrogen-sensitive tested again so hopefully my numbers came down please advise and if there’s anything else you read on my report please throw out there thank you so much I hope you’re well and the other gentleman versed wrote me and I wrote back but no response so please guys this is what it’s all about helping each other and I could use it just want to feel good get back to where I was at one time thank you Rocky


Good morning Charlie 12 and whoever else is out there that reads my stuff sorry for the long run on sentences its voice text in the above messages so they Run on but you guys get it!! Question Charlie 12 as far as you asked about itching a little bit itching here and there! Why do you ask that? Mines nothing big!! So you’re saying I should go to a hematologist check all the iron and all the stuff that’s going on with the furritn? I just want to get this straightened out and feel good thank you


Good morning Charlie 12 were you been my friend? I wrote a few things above but no response it’s been awhile thanks



If you lowered test you should wait around 6 weeks for labs.


Thank you!! You don’t think I should start taking Hcg I have it but haven’t done it also have arimadex pills both got from doctor!! Shouldn’t when your on the “T” be using them all together to get full effect for total Trt therapy Charlie 12? Please advise I want full effect been on the T again since been back on since Feb this yr my friend?
please advise thank you


everyone is different. I only take T. NO hcg no ai. I also am not concerned with fertility and my testes are almost the same size as pre trt.

You may want to stabilize things before you introduce HCG if you want to.

if you have a knowledgeable trt dr and an experienced one, you should give their advice and counsel more weight. and if you do not, you should always be on the hunt for one.

Some on this forum do not, and we design our own protocols.

good luck.


thank you for the heads up Charlie 12 yes I know a lot of people have their own protocol as far as fertility I don’t really care I’m not having kids but I did notice that the testes have gotten smaller so I know the HCG keeps on flowing who knows but thank you for the input and hopefully my E2 has came down with lowering the testosterone I hope 6 weeks is coming up pretty quick so I appreciate any knowledge and your input anything else you want to throw out please advise thank you so much as far as doctors yes I do understand that it’s very hard to find a decent one especially with under insurance you have to pay out-of-pocket thank you


Good morning Charlie 12 hope you had a nice holiday I have a question maybe you know this I’ve been back on on the testosterone cypionate for 9 months now with no Arimidex or HCG but I wanted to know is your total numbers say you were 500 the total testosterone how long does it actually take if you don’t do an injection for like say a week 2 weeks 3 weeks how much will the numbers go down in total T? How long does it take to drop? The only reason I asked is for insurance purposes 4 total testosterone so any input please advise I hope you’re well thank you or anybody else has any info on that


The half life of T-cyp is 8 days. Theoretically after 16 days you will have no more exogenous T in your system and will be bottomed out. You will not feel well. If you are looking for 4 tests under the lab range for insurance purposes, to show you are low T, I would suggest you find a lower dose that will provide those numbers. Im not sure of your history and if you are self medicating etc. I would not recommend going cold turkey off of T.


Mr. Watts thank you so much I appreciate that info man you hit it right on the head yes it’s for insurance purposes I’ve been on testosterone again for 9 months and basically I got it up in the high my e2 was sky high i lowered my dose of T because my estrogen was so high when I got testec it about 2 months ago or so!! I think it was on a high range so i was doing 1 mil broken up 2 injections per week Monday and Thursday total!And then I dropped it down to in the last month or so to a half a mil for many weeks and then down to a half of a half a mil injected twice a week the last month so I would think my numbers were pretty low or almost there under 300 please any other input I would appreciate it thank you so much mr. Watts Ps originally when I started my testosterone therapy mr. Watts about 9 months ago I was off at for like 5 months my numbers total was like 2:57 so that’s when I went back on it again and it recently went up slowly so I’m thinking since I lowered the testosterone few months ago or month ago got my numbers that went down and yes I need them to be 300 or less so I’m thinking that they are so may not go do Labs until 2 weeks and maybe just not inject for two weeks and then I’ll definitely bring it 300 or less I’m thinking please any other input would be great I appreciate your help thank you


well we need to change the format in which we are referring to the T. We need to speak in mg which is the measure of the T itself. What is you T concentration? Usually it is either 100mg per ml or 200mg per ml.

I would say you need to get a few more weeks under your current protocol and then get bloods to see where your T is. From there you can determine your dose going forward. To avoid bottoming out I would continue to dose. Then when you finally determine where you are you can get the blood draws for insurance. To be sure follow your protocol for a bit and then get bloods on injection day before injection. This will be your trough and given your lower dosing should be pretty low.


Mr. Watts thank you so much for your help here is a box of my cypionate that I take and what it is is when I say a half a mil or Mill it’s on a three Ml syringe that I use!! So I do a half of 1ml! I’ve been doing this the last month or so if that makes any sense? I appreciate your help or any input yes I’m not going for my labs until like almost the third week of January my last dose of T last Monday which was a half of a half a mil please advise thank you


200mg/ml so .5ml would be 100mg. If you are injecting that twice a week you will probably be into the higher ranges with that dose.


Mr. Watts thank you for your reply again that was the Box with the vial of testosterone that I do cypionate below you’ll see 2 pictures of the syringe I use and where the line is that I take the T twice a week!! So hopefully that’ll help you better I’m not sure if what you said .5 is what I’m taking or maybe what you see in the picture is less? I just want to make sure I’m going to go in about two and a half weeks and I’m not even doing this amount of T for over a month and a half I think!! The reason because my estrogen was so high it was off the chain doing no remidex are HCG I have it but I’m not doing it so please any other advice or the correct amount please advise cuz I need to get it down to under 300! Any pointers to make sure please let me know thank you Rocky


Looks like about .25 an ml which will be 50mg twice a week (100mg). This probably will not get you below 300. That will have most men between 500-700. You will need to drop your dose to get under 300. For more accurate dosing under 1ml you should get 1ml syringes. Added bonus is they push easier than the 3mls too.


Mr. Watts thank you so much you’re awesome my friend question I have for you is the reason for the insurance purposes is a years coming up around the 20th of January and when I first started I was Will below 300 now I’ve never gotten mine up to 500 to 700 maybe one time few years ago I got it to like 600!! But when I recently had a checked It was like 460 and the was like 6 months and then when I got to checked about 3 months ago I made a mistake and I didn’t do my shot on the Monday and then waited till the following Monday to get my labs 7 days and I made a mistake and did a shot on Thursday and did my labs on Monday and it ended up being like 900 very high! But really it was
Prabably half of that! So what would be the best thing to make sure that it’s LOW when I do get my blood test maybe 2 weeks 2 and 1/2 weeks I mean I can wait longer maybe I should just like I said my last injection was last Monday!! So what I was going to do is hold off for the next two and a half weeks and not do any T? Maybe that would probably drop me down big-time but I don’t want to mess things up!! So im not sure whatever you think please throw out there I appreciate all your help and you taking the time to write me very cool and thank you so muchft


Well Rocky this is all going to be about timing. Always do labs for this scenario on your trough day. Can you get your own bloods done before you go to your doc for the insurance tests? If so you need to set your protocol (say 50mg, .25ml, every 7 days) and get a few weeks of that and then get blood taken on the day of your next injection but before your injection.

How far apart do your labs need to be? Seven days would work perfectly as you can easily replicate the protocol.