TRT and Hcg For Almost 3 Months, Lots of Weight Gain. Labs Below

Hello Everybody New To This Site Please Some Help! Finally Got my Blood labs done on friday and just gt results after being On The “T” for almost 3 Months and adding Hcg about 2 Months ago! No arimadex yet! I been doing a 1/2 a Ml A Wk Split Up Mon-thursdays and 250 ius of hcg 2 times awk! Ive Noticed Since the end of Jan until now mid may ive gained over 30pds and feel puffy in the mid section areas and more! i work out 4 times a wk lighter weights and high Reps many sets!! Dont know why all the weight Gain Please anybody know? Im just putting the main labs that are used for trt that i was tested for that everybody can give me some input in what i should be doing goods and the bads for being on the t almost 3 months! Since I was off trt from mid Sept untile mid feb!! Please Any advise or input Guys that know this Trt stuff thanks! Ps also not feeling that good high and low energy very tired at time not a big sex drive and moody some whats etx!!! Please any input would be appreciated thansk Rocky down Below is my labs

Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct, S




Triiodothyronine (T3)

Triiodothyronine (T3)



TSH 5.490 High uIU/mL 0.450 - 4.500 01

hCG,Beta Subunit, Qnt, Serum hCG,Beta Subunit,Qnt,Serum <1 mIU/mL 0 - 3 01 Roche ECLIA methodology

FSH and LH LH 0.1 Low mIU/mL 1.7 - 8.6 01 FSH <0.2 Low mIU/mL 1.5 - 12.4 01

Prolactin 15.7 High ng/mL 4.0 - 15.2 01

Testosterone,Free and Total Testosterone, Serum 293 ng/dL 264 - 916 01! Fee Testosterone(Direct) 7.2 pg/mL 7.2 - 24.0 01

Vitamin B12 1619 High pg/mL 232 - 1245 01

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I Guess No One Wants To Help On Here?

Your thread’s barely been on the site for 3 hours, and it’s early morning on a workday. Relax.

I’ll ask a simple question since a lot of the bloodwork stuff is over my head: Has your diet and exercise changed in the last few months?

Rockyo you are missing quite a few tests here if you are on TRT.
The important numbers are TT, FT, E2, prolactin, SHGB, HCT, DHEA, PSA, TSH

Based on what you’ve posted yout T is low and prolactin is over range that probably means your E2 is high as well. That is why you are holding water and feeling bloated. You need a low dose AI.
When do you speak to your doc next? you need some big protocol changes.

Chris sorry about that I know it’s a lot of information and it was only a certain amount of hours since I put it up but I see all these other posts and they have so many so many replies in for 3 or 4 hours I didn’t have one reply only mine so I’m not saying nobody wants to help but I do need help because what I wrote what I put up there was the test that I got being on the trt and you could see that there’s three or four bad levels so not sure what to do next so please reach out if you can help me yes my diet is perfect the last 3 or 4 months I was 30 pounds lighter which I put on weight but I lift light weights 15 reps and a good amount of sets per body part go to the gym like 4 days a week I eat healthy a lot of protein stay away from the carbs and all that I gained over 30lbs some muscle but I think from the trt and those levels that are messed up caused me to gain weight so please any input I appreciate it thank you and God bless Rocky

1/2 ml twice a week is a volume not a dosage. Whats your dosage? 100mg/ml? Your test is too low for you obviously if you are getting low range numbers. You don’t need to test FSH/LH again while you are on T, they will be zero. Your TSH is way too high, ideal is 1-1.5. You need to test your E2.

Chris first of all I want to thank you for all your help I just want to feel really good I was on trt for a little over two and a half years and then this past September I went off it just health reasons I wasn’t feeling right depression or something set in so I was off it until mid February I started mid February and I’ve been on it again since then and I added the HCG 250 I use about a month-and-a-half ago my dosage is the cypionate which it’s a 10 mL bottle and it is 2000 mg / 10 mL then it has 200 mg / ml so that’s the bottle that I have but I do a half a mill on the syringe just started three quarters of 1 mil on the syringe last Wednesday I break the half mil or the 3/4 of a mill on the one syringe and I do it twice a week Mondays and Thursdays sometimes I’ll be doing it I miss a day Tuesdays Fridays no Arimidex yet what was really crazy too Chris is when I was on the trt this last September and I was on for over 2 years I was very very puffy in my face underneath my eyes don’t know why my face was puffy in my eyes underneath I looked a lot older than I am that bothered me I don’t know what that was from as far as the one test yes I don’t need that I know that I just put that in there so whatever help Chris Is appreciated I’m sorry for the long message but you responding to me which is great and I thank you so much so whatever you can recommend or tell me what to do I will do or at least try thank you let me know

I think you’ve got some really good advice so far, you’ve got to take care of your hypothyroidism. TRT attempts to restore metabolic rates that your thyroid is unable match, your thyroid is like the gas pedal in your car, it slowly ramps up which causes you to wake up in the morning, as your day begins the thyroid pushes the gas pedal to the floor, only in your case your thyroid has the foot on the brake pedal often making a guy feel worse on TRT.

Reverse T3 would more than explain your symptoms, your Free T4 and T3 don’t look bad enough to cause TSH to be so high, suggest thyroid might be under attack by your immune system. Reverse T3 and antibodies need testing, you must test Free T3 together with Reverse T3 and antibodies. The levels of care you’re receiving is deplorable, any doctor testing for LH while on TRT has no clue what their doing.

You can verify thyroid hormone status using an oral glass thermometer, you need to reach 97.7 upon waking and 98.6 at 2pm, body temps are expected to be low. No SHBG, no estrogen testing using the sensitive LC/MS/MS method designed for males. See thyroid sticky, don’t be passive. You must educate yourself because most doctors are not, then you can ask questions a weed through clueless doctors and move on to greener pastures.

Okay guys I really appreciate your help and more help is appreciated so you see what I posted about my levels and stuff so I need to know exactly what to go get tested my endrocrinologist is really cool I had a whole panel done but I just pulled out the things that were kind of associated with the trt I understand the fish oil I didn’t need to put that on there tell me what I need to get done totally and is there anything I can do right now to feel better thank you you guys are awesome

Good Moning Everyone for the members who helped me with some good info and advise thanks! Some one said i have hypothyroidism what causes that please? Now since you saw my blood tests on here! Some one wrote what tests are missing and that i didnt get? Please if there are any other tests i need again or you guys think i need? Please write down for me and thank you! Also what can i do guys to get were i need to be with the Trt andy advise? Like i said put lots of weight on the last 3 months i eat well ! Some hair thinning moody fatigue and more!! Please anybody I need to make this Trt work wright for me!! I just want to feel real good! Please guys alot of you guys know this stuff!! Please reach out and start chimmimg in thank you Guys you alll Rock!! Ps Im 56 years old age is just a number its in are heads thanks

If you really want to be thorough, you need Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3 and antibodies. These test will not leave any questions unanswered. Thyroid disease has many causes, lifestyle, eating habits and the big one is a lack of iodine. Women are more susceptible to thyroid diseases do to lack of iodine.

Hair loss do to hypothyroidism is common, thinning eyebrows, general hair loss, dry skin, weight gain and constipation to name a few. Increased appetite is do to not being able to get the nutrients from food. You really need to get SHBG so you can design a protocol for you, something your current doctor doesn’t understand.

Tests needed.
Free T3
Free T4
Reverse T3
Cortisol AM
Estrogen Sensitive LC/MS/MS

OP, If you plan to run a complete thyroid panel
I would add ferritin because if your ferritin is low you will have to fix that and re run all your other thyroid test systemlord listed. This crap ain’t cheap a discounted internet blood test panel for thyroid is about 240buck. That does not include your TRT stuff.

Good morning Everybody hrdlvn and systemlord, I want to thank you guys for taking the time to help me out!! I already sent a email to my endo yesterday! Im getting them to fax a script to labcorp for me for the blood tests you guys said i needed hopefully they will let me know soon to go for lab work! Is there anything i can start doing to get this under control and to start feeling better Now Slowly? I just uppped my T injection to 3/4 Of A Ml broken up 2 times a wk with the 250ius of Hcg! I eat Well clean and work out 4 days a wk light weights and more!! But like i said i put lots of weight on since being on the trt again over 30 pds in the last 3 months! Also like i said i feel bloaded in the tummy the last month and more!! I just want to feel good in every way please reach out guys any input or advise thank youu Guys please chimm in!! You guys Rock thanks

All that thyroid testing aside.
Without an AI and not knowing your SHGB increasing your T dose will most likely raise you E2 and prolactin even more. Which is what I think is causing your weight gain and moodyness.

Until you can talk to your doc and get an AI I would drop back to 100mg/week. Many guys don’t need an AI at that lvl of T. NO it won’t be the optimum T lvl for you but it might give you some relief from your symptoms.
You could also consider stopping or reducing your HCG since that is known it raises E2.


Ahh thank you thank you so much for reaching out and hehelpinme!! As far as you saying a Al do you mean an estrogen blocker Like Arimidex? Because I did get prescribed Arimidex from my endocrinologist! I just haven’t done any yet but I do have in hand cuz I knew I would be needing them after I’ve been on this testosterone for 3 months!! And plus the HCG 2 months! As far as the other stuff I guess I just have to wait to get all those tests and labs done!! As far as the HCG I’m doing 250ius two times a week! So I can cut back on that if you think that’s causing some problems and as far as the T I do too please advise thank you

You are welcome. We are all on this journey together.
Arimidex, yes thats an AI. I have no experience with Arimidex I use Anastrozole.
I take .125mg on Fridays. If I feel moody or extra weepy I take a second. This stuff is very powerful. There is a saying in TRT land. Go low(in dose) and slow(in changing your protocol).
My T cyp amount is 120mg/wk. I have taken as much as 150mg/wk and I needed 3 pills a week. However 150 was way too much my trough TT was over 1100. I could not sleep and was anxious all the time. I hated it.

thank you hrdlvn yes we are!!! I just want to feel Good! Mine is arimadex/Anastrozole so what do you think i should take with that and lowing the T To and Hcg too? lIke i said only beenthe trt for 3 months the T and hcg 2 months Please advise!!! I was on the trt for over 2 yrs and stopped back in Sept health reason depresssion aniety for many months and then started back in mid feb but before that for over 2 yrs was up then 1ml a wk and .25 of arimadex 2 times a wk and was doing 500 hcg 2 times wk!!

I’m no doctor rocky and we don’t even have all the bloods we need. We have your prolactin and it is over range. I will assume your E2 is also in the 50-60 range (no one knows its a guess)
We really need your SHGB to determine how often you need to inject. You did not tell us the type of T you are using. T Cyp? I hope.

Based on all of that and waiting for new bloods and an appointment with your doc the safest protocol I will recommend is 50mg twice a week. Since you already have high E2 feeling and your prolactin is thru the roof I would take .125 M/W/F BUT only for one week. Then lets see how you feel.

Can you post the info off your T bottle. what we are looking for is type and how many mg/mL
I just want to make sure you are putting the right amount in your syringe.

thanks sorry its the Testostrone Cypinate10ml bottle 200mg/mls!! Thats what I been doing since day One 50mgs 2 times a wk! When you say .125 m/w/fri how much is that my pills are 1mg Pills please advise

Cool that is what I use. I love it. If this is stating the obvious I apologize lots of guys mess this part up I just wanted to be sure. So 200MG/mL means you put .25 in the syringe for 50.